Melinoe casting a Hex in combat in Hades 2

Hades 2: All Hexes & How to Upgrade Them

Hexes are powerful Ultimate Abilities in Hades 2 that grant Melinoe devastating attacks and effective crowd-control effects that will ensure her survival. Read on to discover them all and how to upgrade them!

Hexes are granted from Selene, one of the four Moon Sisters in Hades 2, alongside Hecate, Artemis and Melinoe. Unlike most other Gods in the game, Selene provides Melinoe with Hexes instead of Boons when she encounters her while fighting her way through the underworld. Hexes grant Melinoe extremely powerful abilities that aid her in combat, and they can be upgraded even further through the Path of Stars. Below, we go over all Hexes and how to upgrade their might even further in Hades 2.

Hades 2: All Hexes & How to Unlock Them

There are currently 8 Hexes in Hades 2 that Melinoe can use. To unlock Hexes, you must interact with Selene’s Crescent Moon symbol and complete an encounter on any given run. Afterwards, you can choose between three possible Hexes, otherwise known as Gifts of the Moon Boons. Unlike other Boons in the game, Hexes are only activated after using a certain amount of Mana during your run. After this, Selene’s Crescent Moon symbol will appear above Melinoe’s head, signalling that you can activate whichever Hex you have equipped.

Here are all the Hexes in Hades 2 and what they do:

HexDescriptionMana Cost Requirement
Moon WaterYour Hex restores 25 HP up to 3 times, which resets whenever you use a Fountain.70
Wolf HowlYour Hex makes you rise up and crash down in the target area for 200 damage.80
Dark SideYour Hex turns you into an Impervious living nightmare with her own abilities for 5 Sec.90
Night BloomYour Hex raises 1 random slain foe from this Encounter to fight for you for 12 sec.100
Lunar RayYour Hex fires a beam that deals 1200 damage over 3 seconds.120
Twilight CurseYour Hex launches a seeking projectile that inflicts Morph on up to 10 susceptible foes.140
Phase ShiftYour Hex makes everything else move 80% slower for 5 seconds.150
Total EclipseMark an area and deal 1000 damage inside it after 4 seconds.200

Hades 2: How To Upgrade Hexes, Path of the Stars & Moonglow Explained

Unlike other Boons in Hades 2, you can only upgrade Hexes when you run into Selene during runs within the Path of the Stars menu. Each of the 8 Hexes available has its own upgrade path that buffs its abilities. The only way to upgrade them is to equip a Hex during a run and then allocate points into its dedicated upgrade path in the Path of the Stars when you next meet Selene.

The amount of points you can allocate is determined by the Hex’s Moonglow status when you first pick up the boon. Moonglow is indicated by a Full, Half, and Crescent Moon symbol next to each boon. They allocate the amount of upgrades you can get for that Hex when you meet Selene during a run. It’s the only way to progress your Hex’s upgrade paths in the Oath of the Stars. Here’s what each Moonglow does in detail:

  • Crescent Moon
    • Offers on upgrade points for the Path of the Stars
  • Half Moon
    • Offers +1 upgrade point for the Path of the Stars
  • Full Moon
    • Offers +2 upgrade points for the Path of the Stars
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Going for Hexes with a Full Moon Moonglow will grant it greater power in the long run and give you further incentive to pick up and use that Hex. However, if you have a preferred Hex that suits your build, you can still use it without needing a Full or Half Moonglow attached.

That’s all there is to know about all Hexes and how to upgrade them in Hades 2! For more guides on the game, check out our Guide hub here.