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Fortnite Game Awards 2023: How to Vote & All Nominees

Fortnite is celebrating the Game Awards by handing out an award for the best island, and your vote counts. Here’s how to vote for your favorite island.

The 2023 Game Awards are right around the corner, with everyone speculating on what will win GOTY. However, while you wait to see if Baldur’s Gate 3 crushes Spider-Man 2, Fortnite is hosting its own Game Awards event to see which island is the best. There are several nominees, and you can check them all out and vote on your favorite. Below, we explain how to vote and which islands are up for the award.

How to Vote in the Fortnite Game Awards 2023

To vote in the Fortnite Game Awards, you must enter the island code 0853-1358-8532, where you can easily visit the 10 different islands up for the award. Once you’ve seen them all, head to The Game Awards Vote in Fortnite island before Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 9 PM ET to cast your vote. You’ll then be able to see who won on Fortnite’s social media pages on Thursday, December 7. We’ve broken down the steps for you below:

  • Enter the island code 0853-1358-8532
  • Visit the 10 different nominee islands
  • Go to The Game Awards Vote in Fortnite island
  • Cast your vote there
  • Check out Fortnite’s social media pages on December 7 to see who won

You can see all of the different nominees and their island codes below so you can visit them and decide which one deserves your vote.

All Fortnite Game Awards 2023 Nominees

There are 10 Fortnite islands up for the award, and you can visit all of their islands using the codes below. Here are the nominees:

The Race Canyon Fortnite Island

How to Get Free XP in the Fortnite Game Awards Map

You can get free XP in the Fortnite Game Awards island by collecting the 28 Golden Game Award statues scattered across the map. Each statue will award you with a small amount of XP, and you will gain bonus XP once you’ve collected them all.

You can keep track of how many you’ve collected by looking at the tally at the top of your screen. To collect the statue, all you need to do is walk into it. Of course, you’ll need to complete some challenging platforming puzzles to reach them in the first place.

Golden Game Awards statue in Fortnite

Now you know all of the nominees, be sure to cast your vote in-game. After that, head to our Games Hub to check out our other Fortnite guides and news.

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