Final Fantasy 16 missable Items and Trophies

Final Fantasy 16: Are There Missable Items or Trophies?

Some of the previous games in the Final Fantasy series have been well known for having missable items, quests, and trophies that can spoil your time if you are going for 100% completion.

This has left players relying on guides and walkthroughs to ensure they don’t miss these key parts of the game. Although, it’s a little different in Final Fantasy 16.

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Can You Miss Items in Final Fantasy 16?

Yes, you can. However, unlike some of the previous titles in the Final Fantasy series, you will not need to be concerned.

The game has only one missable trophy called Half Past Twilight. The only way you can miss this trophy is if you sell the materials for the Gotterdammerung (Ragnarok, Orichalcum, Darksteel, Primitive Battlehorn). If you don’t sell your materials you will have nothing to worry about.

Fortunately, even if you make a mistake and sell these items you still need two playthroughs of the game to be able to obtain the Platinum trophy. Like some previous Final Fantasy titles, this game also features a New Game +. So don’t stress too much if you accidentally sell your items.

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