Final Fantasy 16: What is the Best Weapon?

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) comes with many weapons and armour you can collect. Here is how you can get the most powerful weapon in the game.

As you progress through the game, you will continuously find new items and weapons. This will make it easier to defeat the strongest of enemies later in the game.

In every game of the Final Fantasy series, you can always collect one supremely powerful weapon above them all. In this aspect, Final Fantasy 16 is no different.

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What is the Best Weapon in Final Fantasy 16?

The best weapon in Final Fantasy 16 is called the Gotterdammurang sword. It requires a lengthy process to obtain various items and weapons to eventually combine it – so be careful with what items you sell.

The weapon is made up from upgrading the Ragnarok which is first obtainable by Blackthorne the Blacksmith and at the end of his “Blacksmith Blues” quest. Once you have combined and obtained the weapon, you will be rewarded with 375 damage and 375 stagger infliction.

How Do You Unlock the Gotterdammurang Sword in Final Fantasy 16?

First, you will need to obtain the Ragnarok:

  1. After unlocking the Eikon of Lightning, Ramuh, in the main campaign, head to the Hideaway to initiate the side quest “Blacksmith’s Blues”.
  2. Assist Mid with the engine construction and then at the Hideaway Reading Table, you’ll unlock the side quest “Blacksmith’s Blues II”.
  3. Survive the boss fight with Sleipnir. Then, you’ll unlock the next quest, “Blacksmith’s Blues III”, at the Hideaway.
  4. Complete the ocean battle and encounter with Barnabus. After that, you’ll unlock “Blacksmith’s Blues IV” at the Hideaway.
  5. Return to Blackthorne at the Hideaway Forge. Here, you’ll receive the Ragnarok Sword and the blueprints needed to upgrade it to Gotterdammerung.

Step 2: Orichalcum Weapon

Next, you will need to obtain 3 of the Orichalcum weapon:

  1. Defeat the Tricelaphic Terror hunt
  2. Defeat the Ruin Reawakened hunt
  3. Defeat the Breaker of Worlds
  4. Complete the “Under New Management II” side quest

Step 3: Darksteel Weapon

Next, you will need to obtain 2 of the Darksteel weapon:

  1. Defeat the Usher to the Underworld
  2. Defeat the Grim Reaper

Step 4: Killing Gobermouch

You will lastly need to obtain the Primitive Battlehorn by killing the Gobermouch.

Collect all the items and return to Blackthorne, where you can upgrade the Ragnarok and claim the Gotterdammerung. Now you should have the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot
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