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Fallout Arrives in Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering celebrates another card collaboration with the arrival of the nuclear-themed game series Fallout.

Magic: The Gathering has received various collaborations on its decks with multiple IPs, including Street Fighter and The Walking Dead. A new addition is joining the Magic: The Gathering cards lineup in the form of Bethesda’s famed apocalypse game series, Fallout. There are numerous decks for players to choose from centered around the world of Fallout that will only add to the fun.

Fallout x Magic: The Gathering Decks Explained

The Magic: The Gathering Fallout collaborations are available now at Amazon and any location where Magic: The Gathering is sold. It features four Commander decks for players to collect and duel with. Each of the decks features a different theme, all of which are connected to the Fallout lore. Below are each deck and what they entail:

  • Scrappy Survivors: Featuring Dogmeat as your Commander, this deck centers around a scavenging aspect. Players must find food tokens, allies, and even tools. Additionally, the deck brings junk tokens, which can be sacrificed to draw cards.
  • Mutant Menace: The Wise Mothman is your leader in this mutated pack. Players will have a roster of mutants at their disposal. Additionally, Radiation will be your friend as you infect everyone playing to reach your victory.
  • Hail, Caesar: Fans of both Fallout: New Vegas and the evils of the Wasteland will enjoy this pack. The Hail Caesar Commander deck features Caesar as its leader and allows players to wield both Raiders and aggressive leaders from the Wasteland as tools in battle. Furthermore, the pack adds the ability to creature tokens and a squad mechanic, allowing you to produce more creatures.
  • Science!: The last Commander deck is centered all around technology. Featuring Dr. Madison Li as the Commander, players have science-based weapons, mechanizations, and artifacts for energy production.
Magic: The Gathering Fallout deck
Image Credit – Wizards of the Coast

Fallout Collector Booster Packs Explained

Magic: The Gathering Fallout Collector Booster packs are now also available for players. The packs may contain borderless cards of everyone’s favorite mascot, the Vault Boy. Additionally, different Pip-Boy frame cards are exclusive to the Collector Booster packs. Lastly, for those wanting to have a rare card, 500 copies of cards for a serialized Vault-Boy bobblehead can be contained in the booster packs as well.

That is everything to know about the Magic: The Gathering Fallout collaboration that is now available to own.


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