Early Review of Rise of the Ronin is Extremely Positive

Early Review of Rise of the Ronin is Extremely Positive

An early review of Rise of the Ronin from Famitsu has been spotted online, which gives the game a favorably high review score.

Despite the official review embargo for Rise of the Ronin lifting on Thursday, March 21, a popular Japanese gaming outlet has already given the game an astoundingly high score. This bodes well for those who have pre-ordered the game and are looking forward to getting into Team Ninja’s rendition of mid-19th century Japan.

Rise of the Roning Gets High Early Review Score

Japanese site Famitsu has given an exceedingly high review score of 37/40 for Rise of the Ronin in the first official review of the game from a well-known and respected outlet. The score comprises four separate reviews, with three giving it a 9/10 and one a 10/10. That’s high praise indeed! You can check out our full review here.

It’s important to note that Famitsu has a habit of giving high scores to Team Ninja’s games. Their previous three games all received just one point less than Rise of the Ronin with 36/40. Despite this, it sounds like there’s lots to look forward to in Rise of the Ronin, going by Famitsu’s review. They say it’s a versatile experience that incorporates a variety of gameplay styles that keep things interesting. They also think Team Ninja has done a brilliant job in conveying the end of the Edo period in Japan.

Rise of the Ronin overlooking city screen

Famitsu goes on to praise Rise of the Ronin’s exciting blend of hack and slash and Soulslike combat and the game’s difficulty and accessibility options. However, they seem to somewhat criticize the game’s visuals, in addition to a general sense that it’s a bit rough around the edges. This seems to align with our preview of Rise of the Ronin, which stated that the game was a visually pleasing and intriguing experience despite some of the technical issues we experienced before its launch.

In any case, it’s not long until players can get a more well-rounded view of the game when Rise of the Ronin reviews (including ours) drops tomorrow. Until then, head over to our Guide Hub for more on the game.