EA Sports FC 24: New Ultimate Team Features

EA Sports have unveiled the key features of its popular Ultimate Team mode for its upcoming EA Sports FC 24 game.

Ultimate Team has long been the most popular gameplay mode in the FIFA franchise. However, with the rebranding to EA Sports FC 24, they have announced a range of new features promising to be the most realistic and advanced game they have released to date.

Some of these new features add an exciting new prospect to Ultimate Team mode, with EA promoting it as a “New Era for Ultimate Team”.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Features

Ultimate Team Evolutions

With the Evolutions feature, you can now boost the skills of your club’s players for the first time. You pick players that match the Evolutions requirements, then complete certain tasks to increase their individual skills, PlayStyles, and overall scores, ensuring they stay strong all year.

Plus, as your players evolve, their Player Items will get a fresh look with new designs and moving backgrounds. This means you can show off your homegrown Evolutions players and all their achievements to your opponent. It’s all about making your team unique and proud of the milestones they’ve hit for your club.

Playstyles and Playstyles+

PlayStyles bring a fresh twist to the Ultimate Team game mode in EA Sports FC 24. Unlike before, where player selection was based mainly on overall ratings, PlayStyles allow you to pick players based on your knowledge of their real-life football skills. This means you can form a team that truly reflects how you want to play the game.

PlayStyles+ is an even more advanced feature. It grants certain players unique abilities that only a few have, making them stand out on the pitch. The best part? These special abilities are clearly marked on the Player Item, so it’s easy for you to identify what they’re best at, making your team selection even more strategic and personalised.

EA SPORTS FC 24 FIGO and Womens Football

Women’s Football

For the first time, women’s football is arriving in Ultimate Team. This is the largest group of top-level players ever added in one year, with six new leagues introduced. This means you’ll have even more options when you’re putting together your Ultimate XI team in EA Sports FC 24.

You can also find new ICONs and Heroes from the women’s game. These are trailblazers in women’s football that you can add to your Club. You can even choose to build your whole team around them. It’s all about creating a team that reflects your love for the game, including the stars of women’s football.

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