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Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Main Missions & Side Quests List

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a lot of main missions and side quests for players to complete, including post-game content.

While it takes players about the same length of time to beat Dragon’s Dogma 2 main story as it did to beat the original Dragon’s Dogma, if you want to see absolutely everything, including side quests, you’ll be playing for a long time. Fortunately, to streamline the experience and help you know just how many quests you’ve got left to beat, we’ve listed absolutely every quest in the game.

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Main Quests

There are 29 main missions in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This includes 18 main missions, 2 of which have sub-missions. There are also 4 postgame missions required to get the true ending, one of which has 5 sub-missions. Each mission ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on how long you spend exploring between locations. Here is a full list of all the main missions in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  1. Gaoled Awakening
  2. Tale’s Beginning
  3. In Dragon’s Wake
    • One-Eyed Interloper
  4. Seat of the Sovran
  5. Monster Culling
  6. The Caged Magistrate
    • The Heel of History
  7. The Stolen Throne
  8. The Arisen’s Shadow
  9. The Nameless Village
  10. Disa’s Plot
  11. An Unsettling Encounter
  12. Feast of Deception
  13. Nation of the Lambent Flame
  14. Flickering Shadows
  15. Convergence
  16. A New Godsway
  17. The Guardian Gigantus
  18. Legacy
  19. Dreams Apart
  20. A Scholarly Pursuit
  21. Halls of the First Dawn
    • Civil Unrest
    • The Regentkin’s Resolve
    • Wandering Roots
    • The Importance of Aiding Ernesto
    • Shepherding the Pawns
  22. When Wills Collide
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All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Side Quests

There are 40+ side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 spread out across its open world. While not every side quest has been discovered, here are all of the ones that we know of. We’ve split them up by area to make it easier to locate them in your own playthrough.

Borderwatch Outpost

  • The Provisioner’s Plight
  • Ordeals of a New Recruit

Moonglow Garden

  • Claw Them Into Shape
  • Beren’s Final Lesson

Harve Village

  • Scaly Invaders
  • Trouble on the Cape

Eini’s House

  • Spellbound


  • Medicament Predicament
  • Brothers Brave and Timid
  • Nesting Troubles
  • Readvent of Calamity
  • Home Is Where the Hearth Is
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  • Oxcart Courier
  • Vocation Frustration
  • A Place to Call Home
  • The Heel of History
  • The Gift of Giving
  • Gift of the Bow
  • Saint of the Slums
  • Masked Correspondence
  • A Trial of Archery
  • Dulled Steel, Cold Forge
  • A Veil of Gossamer Clouds
  • The Phantom Oxcart
  • Tensions on the Highroad
  • A Case of Sculptor’s Block
  • Till Death Do Us Part


  • Welcome to Battahl
  • Shadowed Prayers
  • A Poisonous Proposal
  • Short-Sighted Ambition

Checkpoint Rest Town

  • The Sorcerer’s Appraisal
  • Hunt for the Jadeite Orb
  • Prey for the Pack
  • Mercy among Thieves

Ancient Battleground

  • Tolled to Rest

Mountain Shrine

  • A Game of Wits

Agamen Volcanic Island

  • Put a Spring in Thy Step
  • The Sotted Sage
  • A Candle in the Storm

That’s all of the main and side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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