CRKD Neo S: Information, Pricing, and Release Date

CRKD is happy to announce its second product, the CRKD Neo S, a Bluetooth controller compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

Following the success of the CRKD Nitro Deck controller for the Nintendo Switch, CRKD is unveiling its next innovation: the CRKD Neo S. Game Crater was able to enjoy the comfort and performance of the Nitro Deck, and we are eagerly anticipating the debut of this new offering.

CRKD Neo S - Image Credit CRKD
Image Credit: CRKD

What is the CRKD Neo S?

The NEO S is a new wireless collectible controller that combines retro gaming controllers with the capability of modern gamepads. It is designed to be a unique mix of style and performance, serving as both a gaming tool and a piece of art. Thanks to its advanced Bluetooth technology, it is compatible with various devices, including the Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and Smart TVs.

The controller launches with nine unique designs, featuring three special editions crafted by the well-known game controller artist POPeART. Beyond its beautiful appearance, the CRKD Neo S features technology such as Hall Effect Thumbsticks for drift-free precision, adjustable Hall Sensor Triggers for personalized trigger sensitivity, and Remappable Back Buttons for enhanced functionality. A quick-swap system for the Stick Tops complements these features, enabling further customization and durability. The Neo S also includes motion control compatibility, adjustable vibration, a ‘No Deadzone’ mode for responsive gaming, and a Turbo Mode to enhance button functionality, making it a versatile and powerful gaming accessory.

The NEO S effortlessly connects with the CRKD True Collection System App, which is accessible on iOS and Android platforms. This app allows users to easily register their NEO S controller, verify its product number and rarity, and receive updates for customizing their gaming experience, such as button remapping and adjusting trigger sensitivities.

CRKD Neo S - Image Credit CRKD
Image Credit: CRKD

CRKD Neo S Release Date and Pricing Details

The NEO S comes in nine unique designs: Retro Gold, Classic Clear, Atomic Red, Emerald Green, Orange Zest, Electric Pink, and three POPeART editions (Splatter, Blossom, and Junkyard), making it a wanted item for collectors and gamers alike.

You can pre-order it for $54.99 USD exclusively on the CRKD website. CRKD plans to start shipping the CRKD NEO S in April 2024. This release aims to offer gamers a unique and advanced controller option that combines practical gaming features with collectible appeal, further making the CRKD brand a part of the gaming community.