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Call of Duty: MW3: Stuck in Server Queue Explained

Players are stuck in a server queue after being disconnected from the game in Call of Duty: MW3. Here’s why this is happening.

Server troubles and players being disconnected appear to be regular occurrences for Call of Duty games. Modern Warfare and MW2 both had server issues on launch and throughout their lifetimes. Unfortunately, it appears that MW3 is following in their footsteps. Of course, it never gets easier for fans who lose out on XP Tokens, progress, or simply having fun. It seems like yet another server issue is happening with MW3 right now, forcing players into seemingly never-ending queues. Below, we explain this unfolding situation and when it’ll likely be fixed.

MW3 Stuck in Server Queue Explained

Players are being disconnected from MW3 servers and placed into a queue, with an error message that reads: “You have been entered into the queue and will be joined to the game shortly.” This is likely due to the servers being overwhelmed or down for some players. While some players are able to get back into a Multiplayer game after being disconnected, it appears that everyone is eventually being hit with this error.

However, for the time being, you should try restarting your game or waiting in the queue. Of course, this issue will likely be fixed in the next few hours to ensure everyone can get back to playing the game. Activision has yet to comment about the issue or publish a fix for it, so if you’re sick of waiting, then feel free to play something else in the meantime. If they do publish a fix, then they’ll likely announce it via their official Updates X account (formerly Twitter).

MW3 Server Queue error

Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do about being stuck in a server queue in MW3. In the meantime, make sure to check out some of our other guides on our Games Hub. That way, at least, you’ll have some light reading to do while the queue timer ticks down.

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