Bugsnax The Isle of Bigsnax update Key Art

Bugsnax Returns with A Free Content Update, Coming Next Year

Announced earlier today at PlayStation’s State of Play, Bugsnax is getting a major expansion titled the Isle of Bigsnax, arriving next year.

The new content update is the first major update since Bugsnax’s release last year. The game was well-received even though many thought Bugsnax was going to secretly be a horror game. Similar to the launch of Bugsnax, The Isle of Bigsnax expansion will be completely free for all PlayStation 5 users as well as on PS4.

What is The Isle of Bigsnax?

The Isle of Bigsnax, as mentioned in the title, introduces enormous Bugsnax to the game. The game will also feature a brand new story arc where players will travel to a mysterious new island to meet the giant creatures. There will be new mechanics to capture the large Bugsnax and some of the memorable characters from the original game will join you on your journey.

In Snaxburg, you will also have your own home. You can take on challenges to earn furniture and accessories to customise it however you like. This will shake up the basic formula of catching Bugsnax, so it will always keep you on your toes. Finally, you can also catch rare Bughats to dress up your favourite Bugsnax as well.

Bugsnax The Isle of Bigsnax update Key Art
In-game Screenshot

Here is a quick rundown of everything else you can expect in The Isle of Bigsnax expansion:

  • A brand new biome to explore
  • Fresh Bugsnax to capture and feed to your friends.
  • Over 100 challenges and 30 new quests.
  • Just under 200 decorations to collect and display in your hut.

For returning players, you can start The Isle of Bigsnax expansion straight away. If you load your completed save, you will be put back in Snaxburg before the point of no return. For new players, the content will show up organically as you progress through the game.

The Isle of Bigsnax expansion will come to Bugsnax for free and will be available in early 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.