Bugsnax PS5 Key Art

Bugsnax is Coming to PS5 on Launch Day

On November 12, PlayStation 5 will be launching worldwide and so will the mysterious critter-catching adventure, Bugsnax. From the developers of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the game takes place on the mysterious Snaktooth Island. Players will need to unravel the mystery of a missing explorer and learn more about the strange creatures occupying the island.

Your mission is to collect and capture multiple creatures. There are multiple ways to catch these creatures and if a player were to eat one of the Bugsnax, parts of their body will transform into different things such as strawberries or curly fries. This will allow players to customise the look of their character.

The Bugsnax Rumours

There are a lot of rumours that Bugsnax is secretly a horror game in disguise. It certainly looks like there is more to it than simply catching bugs in a Pokémon-esque adventure. But so far we do not have any confirmation of this and we will have to wait another month to find out.

Bugsnax will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC the same day. The PC version will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store and those who are interested can currently pre-order the game at a 15% discount.


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