August PlayStation Plus Games Feature PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door

Sony is happy to announce the lineup of PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August. Members of PlayStation Plus will have access to PGA Tour 2k23, Dreams, and Death’s Door from Tuesday, August 1st until Monday, September 4th.

Each of these games is great, in its own right, and they are all available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PlayStation Plus members will also have until Tuesday, August 1st to add the July games — Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered, and Endling: Extinction is Forever — to their game library.

PlayStation Plus August – PGA Tour 2K23

PGA Tour 2k23

PGA Tour 2k23 is the latest entry in the PGA Tour 2K series, developed by HB Studios. Play golf in an immersive simulation environment with realistic mechanics and physics that includes a new three-click swing system.

The game offers RPG-like elements, so you can incrementally improve your golfer’s skills, and navigate the career mode that is centred on the FedEx Cup, featuring some of the world’s most famous courses.

PGA Tour 2k23 allows you to select your golfer from an array of options, including well-known PGA players such as Tiger Woods and celebrities like NBA stars Michael Jordan and Steph Curry.

Another awesome feature is the ability to create your own golf courses and also pick from a range of other user-created courses. It’s definitely a great addition to the August PlayStation Plus games list.

Dreams PlayStation Plus Games August
PlayStation Plus August – Dreams


Dreams, developed by Media Molecule, allows you to dive into a vast, ever-expanding universe of creative exploration and play.

This sandbox-style game offers you the tools to create and share your own playable content, from intricate, interactive games to stunning works of art, music, or animations. You can sculpt and design your own characters, objects, and environments using the game’s comprehensive creation system. You also have the option to explore and play through other players’ creations in a variety of genres from all over the world, offering an endless stream of unique experiences.

Furthermore, Dreams includes a story mode called Art’s Dream, which showcases the potential of the creation tools and serves as an example of the type of narrative and gameplay experiences that can be crafted within the game.

With Dreams, the only limit to your gameplay and creative experience is your imagination, and, of course, whether or not you have PlayStation Plus.

Devolver Digital Death's Door Feature Image
PlayStation Plus August – Death’s Door

Death’s Door

In Death’s Door, you play as a reaper crow who’s tasked with collecting souls to power magical doors. Your main job is to correct the immortality of three special individuals who’ve outlived their time. To do this, you engage in challenging combat where you start with a sword and an arrow spell, and use defensive moves like dodging. As you progress, you encounter a variety of enemies and mini-bosses that test your abilities.

You can explore extensively in the game, solving puzzles that allow you to discover new weapons, magical upgrades, or extra souls. Throughout your adventure, you’ll interact with NPCs, who add depth to the game’s narrative and help explain the state of different levels. The game’s artistic style is dark, whimsical, and beautiful, and its audio enhances the mood perfectly. Check out our full review of Death’s Door here

When Will The PlayStation Plus August Games Be Available?

The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August will be available from Tuesday, August 1st until Monday, September 4th.

Make sure you add July games to your PlayStation library before they expire on Monday, July 31st. You can download the games out here.