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Another Crab’s Treasure: How to Destroy Umami Purple Blocks

If you’ve encountered unbreakable Umami blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure, don’t worry. You’ll need to go unlock a secret technique to break through them.

It is a lot of fun to head off the beaten path in Another Crab’s Treasure and see what secrets are around the corner. Unfortunately, keen explorers will likely have encountered large purple Umami blocks that cannot be destroyed. Despite showing the Umami symbol, players cannot use a shell’s Umami ability to break them. Fortunately, there is a way to get past it, although it requires taking on a deadly optional boss.

How to Destroy Umami Purple Blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure

To break the purple Umami blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure, you will need to unlock the Mantis Punch Adaptation from Topoda in the Expired Grove area. However, to be able to unlock the ability, you’ll first need to defeat Topoda in his boss fight. Once you’ve defeated him, talk to him, and you’ll be able to upgrade your adaptations with Umami Crystals. After upgrading them, Topoda will teach you his secret technique, the Mantis Punch, which you can then use to break the purple Umami blocks. You will also need to defeat him in order to reset your Adaptations.

To get to Topoda, you first need to defeat Heikea, the main boss of the Expired Grove. After defeating him, go to the locked door in the boss room and turn right. Head down the drop and go toward Curdled Village. Climb the hill, avoiding the sniper crab, who will try and pick you off, until you reach an area covered in dead crabs. Topoda will appear, and you’ll have to take him down. It’s not an easy fight, but once you win, you’ll get access to Adaptation upgrades.

The location of Topoda in Another Crab's Treasure
The location of Topoda in Another Crab’s Treasure

Now that you have the Mantis Punch Adaptation unlocked, you can go back to those Umami blocks and break through them. This will allow you to access new areas and loot. It’s a lengthy process, but absolutely worth it. That’s everything you need to know about breaking the purple Umami blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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