Lethal Company Terminal

All Terminal Commands in Lethal Company

The Terminal in Lethal Company allows players to enter different commands for some different results. Here are all of the entries.

The Terminal is a huge part of Lethal Company, as it allows players to access some of the most important aspects of the game. However, its not obvious how it works and players are curious about the various commands they can use with it. Fortunately, that’s were we come in. Below, we’ve outlined not just where you can find the Terminal, but also a full list of each command and what they do.

How to Find the Terminal in Lethal Company

The Terminal Computer in Lethal Company can be found at the back of the player’s ship and is identifiable by the green text on the screen. When approaching the computer, pressing the interact button (typically the E key) will allow you to begin using it. Entering the command “help” will open up the list of the different commands. However, they can be found individually along with their associated command below. Once you are done with the Terminal, pressing the “Tab” key will have the player exit it.

All Terminal Commands in Lethal Company

“help”Displays list of all commands available to enter.
“moons”It opens a list of different moons to travel to in the game. More details below.
“store”Opens up a store with many varying items available for purchase and their prices.

*To buy an item, enter buy after the name, such as “[shovel] buy”. *
“bestiary”A collection of all the data on monsters within the game. However, it is based on progress made by players in that lobby.

*To get more info on a monster, enter their name followed by info. For example, “[Hoarding Bug] Info” *
“storage”Allows access to the ship’s inventory and manages all items contained in it.
“other”Opens the Other Section of the Terminal Commands.
“view monitor” (Other Section)Allows the turning on or off of the main camera to see others in the lobby.
“switch [player name]” (Other Section)Brings up the player whose name is entered, on the main camera.
“ping [radar booster name]” (Other Section)Radar Booster pings a sound when activated to attract attention.
“scan” (Other Section)Scans the current moon for different items and displays their value.
“[Unique Identification Code]” (Other Section)Punch in a code to both turnoff turrets and allow access through secure doors.
“sigurd” (Other Section)Shows any Sigurd journal entries found thus far in the game.
Lethal Company Command
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All Moon Travel Locations in Lethal Company

There are eight moon locations to travel to via the Terminal in Lethal Company. While each has their name represented, they vary in danger and difficulty. Players must enter the command “[moon name] route” to select a moon. Below is a list of the moons and their associated Threat Levels.

  • Company
    • Threat Level: Safe
  • Assurance
    • Threat Level: Hazard D
  • Vow
    • Threat Level: Hazard C
  • Experimentation
    • Threat Level: Hazard B
  • Offense
    • Threat Level: Hazard B
  • March
    • Threat Level: Hazard B
  • Rend
    • Threat Level: Hazard A
  • Dine
    • Threat Level: Hazard S
  • Titan
    • Threat Level: Hazard S+

That is everything we know about the Terminal Commands in Lethal Company. Players wanting more information on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub for details.


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