The shotgun cabinet in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2: What Is the General Store Code For the Shotgun?

Saga can unlock a rare shotgun in Alan Wake 2 by entering a 3-digit code. Fortunately for you, we’ve already figured out what it is.

While playing as Saga, during your second trip to Cauldron Lake in Chapter 1, you’ll follow the clues to find the Nightingale’s Heart and end up at the General Store. It is here that you’ll find the locked cabinet holding a shotgun after an encounter with a cult member. Fortunately, you can unlock this cabinet and get the shotgun, something we really recommend for taking down the Nightingale boss. Below, we explain what the code to the shotgun cabinet in the General Store is in Alan Wake 2 and how to find out what the code is for yourself.

Alan Wake 2 General Store Shotgun Code

The complete code for the sawn-off shotgun found in the General Store is 739. Going from the top of the lock to the bottom, the numbers should be 7, 3, and then 9 (see the image below.) To input it, simply select the lock, then turn the dials until they display the correct numbers.

The correct code for the Shotgun Cabinet in Alan Wake 2

How to Find the General Store Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2

The code to the shotgun cabinet in the General Store in Alan Wake 2 can be found on a lottery ticket on top of the counter near the back. The lottery ticket is on top of a notepad, which has the numbers “705, 713, 717, 723” crossed out with a note saying to update the code.

The lottery ticket has the numbers 05 13 17 23 39 45 written on it. To solve the code, you simply need to take the number 7 and then add the next pair in the sequence on the lottery ticket. In this case, it is 39.

The code for the shotgun cabinet in the General Store in Alan Wake 2

It’s worth noting that the note next to the shotgun cabinet says to “Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter,” and a Rolodex on the counter with a psychic’s number on it. This is a red herring and should be ignored. The code is always on the lottery ticket.

Of course, now that you’ve unlocked the shotgun, be sure to check out our Games Hub for other Alan Wake 2 guides.

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