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All Alan Wake 2 Difficulty Settings

Alan Wake 2 offers players a variety of difficulty settings to choose from, but which is the best one for you?

Alan Wake 2 has mostly ditched its action-adventure roots in favor of survival horror gameplay. Players should expect the challenge to be ramped up, as well as the scares. Fortunately, Alan Wake 2 offers a few difficulty modes to make things easier or harder, depending on how you’re finding the game. Below, we’ve outlined every difficulty setting in the game as well as how they affect the game.

All Alan Wake 2 Difficulty Settings

There are 4 difficulty modes in Alan Wake 2. They are:

  • Story
    • Combat is not challenging and allows for a greater focus on mystery-solving and exploration. 
  • Normal
    • Combat is more challenging, and you’ll need to use items and conserve resources in order to survive. This is considered the default mode.
  • Hard
    • Combat is very difficult. You will need to utilize all items carefully and get to grips with the mechanics in order to survive. 
  • Nightmare
    • Combat is extremely difficult. This mode is only intended for players looking for a huge challenge. Unlocked via New Game Plus.
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The Normal mode is, of course, the default setting and the one most players should choose. However, you aren’t punished or rewarded in any way for playing on any of the other difficulty modes. You can choose your difficulty at the beginning of the game, so make sure you know which one will work best for you before choosing.

Additionally, the Nightmare difficulty setting can only be experienced through New Game Plus, which is being added to the game post-launch. Now that you know about every difficulty setting make sure to check out our Games Hub for all of our other Alan Wake 2 guides.

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