Saga and Alan holding pistols in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2: All Weapons & How to Find Them

Alan Wake 2 has a handful of extra weapons you can unlock if you know where to look. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Combat in Alan Wake 2 can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have the right weapon. Fortunately, there are 8 weapons to find in Alan Wake 2 that can deal a lot of damage. However, you not only need to know where to look but the codes and solutions to unlocking them. Below, we list exactly when and where you can find each weapon, as well as how to unlock them.

Alan Wake Weapon Locations

Alan Wake only has 3 weapons to unlock. They include the Revolver, Flare Gun, and Double-Barreled Shotgun. Here is where you can find them all in Alan Wake 2:


Chapter: Initiation 2: Casey

Location: Alan automatically gets the Revolver after you find The Dark Place in an alleyway. You’ll need to wait for a short cutscene to play before you can use it.

Alan Wake picking up a Revolver in Alan Wake 2
Credit – Gameleap

Flare Gun

Chapter: Initiation 4: We Sing

Location: You will find this as you explore the Talk Show Studio. Next to the typewriter. Impossible to miss.

Alan Wake picking up a Flare Gun in Alan Wake 2
Credit – GameSpot

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Chapter: Initiation 5: Room 665

Location: Inside a bar on the sky deck of the Oceanview Hotel. Use your Angel Lamp to open up the bar, head inside, and use your Angel Lamp again to close it. Grab the shotgun from the rack.

Alan Wake looking at a Double-Barreled Shotgun in Alan Wake 2
Credit – GameSpot

Saga Weapon Locations

Saga has 5 weapons to unlock. They include her Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Crossbow, Hunting Rifle, and Pump-Action Shotgun. Here is where you can find them all in Alan Wake 2:


Chapter: Return 1: Invitation

Location: Automatically equipped at the start of the game.

Saga pointing her torch at an enemy in Alan Wake 2

Sawed-off Shotgun

Chapter: Return 2: The Heart

Location: In the General Goods Store in Cauldron Lake. Go to the locked box on the wall and use the code 739 to open it.

Saga looking at a Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2


Chapter: Return 3: Local Girl

Location: Inside a Cult Stash in Watery. It is next to the save point on the northeastern part of the map. Use the code 527 to open the Stash and get the crossbow.

Saga looking at a Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2
Credit – GameSpot

Hunting Rifle

Chapter: Return 5 – Old Gods

Location: In the Security Room of the Wellness Center. Use the code 17-08-23 on the terminal to open the sliding doors. Grab the doorknob from the desk in the room next to the receptionist’s office and put it on the door that’s missing it. Open the locker inside to get the Hunting Rifle.

Saga looking at a Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2
Credit – GameSpot

Pump-Action Shotgun

Chapter: Return 6: Scratch

Location: Inside a display case in Tim Breaker’s office in the Sheriff’s Station. Use the code 723 to unlock it.

Saga looking at a Pump-Action Shotgun in Alan Wake 2
Credit – GameSpot

That’s all the weapons available in Alan Wake 2. If you’re interested in more guides on the game, make sure to check out our Games Hub.

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