Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver

Alan Wake 2: How to Get the Screwdriver

Learn how to find and use the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 to unlock doors, containers, and hidden kits with our focused guide.

In Alan Wake 2, the Screwdriver is more than just a simple tool—it’s your ticket to new opportunities and hidden treasures. Many containers scattered around the game can be pried open with the Screwdriver, often revealing useful items that can be a lifesaver in difficult situations.

What is the Purpose of the Screwdriver?

With the Screwdriver, you can unlock various doors and containers scattered throughout the game world. Its primary use is to access locked areas that don’t require specialized keys or codes. This is crucial for areas like the Coffee World Gift Shop, where locked doors block your way to important items or plot progression.

As you explore, you’ll find survival kits mounted on posts or walls. These kits often contain vital supplies like health packs, ammo, or even lore-expanding collectibles. A Screwdriver lets you pry these kits open, enriching your gameplay and giving you an edge in battles.

Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Location
Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Location (Image Credit – GameSpot)

How to Find the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2

To get the Screwdriver, head to Coffee World’s Percolator ride. You’ll first visit during the “Saga Anderson’s Return 3 – Local Girl” chapter. Because of floods, you’ll take a detour through woods and dirt paths. Watch out for Taken enemies who throw axes at you. Along the way, grab collectibles like Alex Casey Lunchboxes, Cult Stashes and Nursery Rhymes.

Once you arrive at Coffee World, prepare for a fight at the Percolator ride. The game saves, and then Taken enemies will attack you. Deal with the closer enemies first and use carts to dodge the others. Wait for a clear shot to take down any remaining enemies. Finally, grab the Screwdriver from a panel next to the ride.

Now, equipped with the Screwdriver, you can proceed to the Coffee World Gift Shop puzzle and beyond. Keep following our guides for more tips and tricks in navigating the dark and twisty world of Alan Wake 2 through our Game Hub.