Alan Wake 2: How to Find the Bolt Cutters

The Bolt Cutters allow you to access new areas and collectibles in Alan Wake 2, and our guide helps you find and use this essential tool.

In Alan Wake 2, Bolt Cutters do more than just cut chains. They help you access late-game areas and hidden stashes. Many barred gates and locks in the game need Bolt Cutters to open them. These usually lead to valuable items or important parts of the story.

What Do Bolt Cutters Do?

Bolt Cutters break the chains on locked gates and doors. They let you enter places that other tools can’t. For example, you can now explore the Rental Cabins area in Cauldron Lake, which was off-limits before. Bolt Cutters also unlock Cult Stashes and help you collect the last few Nursery Rhymes and Dolls in the game.

Image Credit: Xbox Achievements

How to Find the Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2

To find the Bolt Cutters, play through the Return 5 – Old Gods chapter, where Saga Anderson is the character you control. This chapter takes you to Bright Falls and eventually to Valhalla Nursing Home. After talking to some old folks, you’ll need to open a portal to the Overlap.

Play the Anger’s Remorse record on a jukebox. A portal appears over a pond. Enter this portal to reach a confusing Overlap zone with a sewer theme. In this area, find a lever that turns on the light and reveals a new room. Inside this room, pick up the Tool Cabinet Key from containers or drawers.

Use this key to unlock a cabinet that holds the Bolt Cutters. Grab them and prepare to face a tough Taken boss in the next chamber.

With the Bolt Cutters in hand, you can now explore new areas and grab hidden collectibles. For more help with Alan Wake 2, check out our other guides through our Game Hub.