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Alan Wake 2: All Missions & Chapters List

There are quite a few chapters in Alan Wake 2 split between both characters. Below, we list every single one of them.

Alan Wake 2 features a lengthy survival horror campaign packed with nail-bitingly tense missions. If you find yourself on the edge of your seat, wondering just how long you have left, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, we’ve broken down all of the chapters into a handy list to let you know just how many of them you should expect.

How Many Chapters Are There in Alan Wake 2?

There are 19 chapters in Alan Wake 2, split between Alan and newcomer Saga. Each Chapter takes place in either The Dark Place, a mysterious dimension that Alan inhabits, or Bright Falls, a backwater town that Saga is investigating, and its surrounding areas.

These 19 chapters will take you quite a while to complete, with the game’s runtime being twice as long as the previous game in the series. If you’re interested in a full breakdown of every chapter, you can find it below.

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Full Mission & Chapter List in Alan Wake 2

There are 10 Saga Anderson chapters and 9 Alan Wake chapters in Alan Wake 2. Saga’s chapters are all called Return, whereas Alan’s are called Initiation. We’ve broken them down for you, split between both characters to simplify things. You can see them all below:

All Saga Anderson Chapters in Alan Wake 2

  1. Return – The Cult
  2. Return 1 – Invitation
  3. Return 2 – The Heart
  4. Return 3 – Local Girl
  5. Return 4 – No Chance
  6. Return 5 – Old Gods
  7. Return 6 – Scratch
  8. Return 8 – Summoning
  9. Return 9 – Deerfest
  10. Return 10 – Come Home

All Alan Wake Chapters in Alan Wake 2

  1. Initiation 1 – Late Night
  2. Initiation 2 – Casey
  3. Initiation 3 – Haunting
  4. Initiation 4 – We Sing
  5. Initiation 5 – Room 665
  6. Initiation 6 – Return
  7. Initiation 7 – Masks
  8. Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film
  9. Initiation 9 – Gone

That’s every chapter you’ll need to finish in order to complete the game and see the end credits roll. Of course, there is also side content to complete, as well as New Game Plus. However, now you know what you’re in for, make sure to check out our Games Hub for all the latest guides.

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