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Alan Wake 2: All Codes, Passwords & Cult Stashes

As players venture through both worlds in Alan Wake 2, many items can be retrieved through safes and stashes with the right codes.

Alan Wake 2 has been terrorizing players since its release. There are different ways to defend yourself and be better equipped against the forces of evil. Players curious about how to find all of the stashes are in luck, we explain below the different codes and combinations to unlock stashes and safes.

It is important to note that you will need the Bolt Cutters to access a lot of these stashes and safes. So make sure you have unlocked them first before locating each one.

Cauldron Lake – Playing as Saga

  • Murder Site Cult Stash: On top of the cult stash is a note that shows three symbols, they are littered around the trailer.
  • Crow Foot Hills Streamside Stash: Follow the arrows using a torch to retrieve the key, using it to open the stash.
  • Private Cabin Cult Stash: Use the stash code 6-5-8
  • Shore Cult Stash: Press the buttons in order of middle, top right, and left on the lock.
  • Rental Cabins Cult Stash: Bolt cutters plus the stash key can be found by first exiting the cabin. Exit out the back of the second cabin door, pass under the fallen tree, and down the path, passing through the door to your left. After exiting the building, go down the hill; on your left is the key.
Alan Wake 2 Lock
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Downtown Watery

  • Docks Stash: Use the code combination 4-9-6
  • Outskirts Stash: Use the code sequence of 4-3-6-8-7-2.
  • Outskirts Weapons Stash: The stash contains the crossbow and can be unlocked with the code of 5-2-7.
  • Coffee World Stash: Unlocked with the code of 1-4-7
  • Huotari Well Stash: The Coffee World stash key must be found. Pass the well, and on the metal props behind the Coffee World mascot is the stash key.
  • Lighthouse Trailer Park Stash: Climb the ramp to the right of the stash onto the garbage bin, the key is on the post box.
  • Coffee World Gift Shop: Enter the code 1-4-6
  • Talk Show Locked Door (Studio): Two different codes must be entered to unlock the stash. The first sequence is 6-6-5, the next one is 5-6-5.
  • Lighthouse Stash: The symbols must be down in descending order. Top: Two triangle on top of each other, point down. Middle: One triangle pointing up. Bottom: Two triangles intertwined side by side.
  • Kalevala Knights Workshop Stash: A gate is blocking the path to the stash. However, it can be opened with bolt cutters. The code to open the stash is 5-4-2.
  • Kalevala Knights Workshop Door: There is a coffee mug in the workshop with three symbols on it. These symbols must be entered to open the door.
Alan Wake 2 Safe Code
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Bright Falls

  • Elderwood Palace Lodge Exterior Stash: The code may differ for everyone; it is likely 9-4-2-8. However, just follow the input order the game provides.
  • Harbor Street Docks Stash: Enter the gate using bolt cutters and approach the stash. Use 6-9-7 to open it.
  • Harbor Street Docks (Oh Deer Diner) Stash: Open the gate outside the diner with the bolt cutters. The combination is as follows. Top: two triangles side by side pointing up. Middle: Two triangles pointing both left and right. Bottom: Two triangles on top of each other, pointing up.
  • Manor Toolbox: Use the code order of 2-7-3.
  • Bunker Woods Stash: To unlock the stash the correct combination of 1-7-7 must be entered.
  • Bunker Woods Stash (Western side of region): Enter the sequence that is presented by the game, it is usually 5-1-9-6-4.
  • Wellness Center Computer: Enter the following code on the computer: 1-7-0-8-2-3.
  • Ranger Station Stash: Acquire the Ranger Station stash key by venturing to the house behind the stash; the key is at the base of the house’s chimney.
  • Bunker Woods Stash (West of Rangers Station): Use the symbols in the following order from the top to bottom. Top row: Two triangles facing to the left and right; Middle: Dual triangles facing downwards while intertwined. Bottom: Two triangles facing each other, making the shape of an hourglass.
  • Valhalla Nursing Home Stash: Unlocked using the Bunker Woods stash key by going down the hill from the nursing home. The key is found at a tree.
  • Sheriff’s Station Stash: Enter the code combination of 1-4-6.
  • Sheriff’s Station Weapons Stash: The weapons case can be opened with the code of 7-2-3.
Alan Wake 2 Computer Code
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That is every code you’ll need in Alan Wake 2. Those interested in more guides on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.


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