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Animal Well: How to Get All Items

Animal Well features various items in the game’s world for players to find, each with their uses. We have you covered on how to get them all.

Metroidvania is a fantastic genre that provides players with different items to help them progress further in the game. Animal Well is one such title in that genre, with over 12 items for players to find. Some of them, however, are found on the path less traveled, and players will need to search them out to acquire them. Fortunately, we’ve broken down where to get each item in Animal Well so you can also collect them.

All Items to Find in Animal Well

Animal Flute

  • Location: After acquiring 8 secret eggs in the game, players can find the Animal Flute in the middle left room that branches off from the main Egg room.

The Animal Flute is an item players can use to fast travel through various locations in Animal Well. One such use is to free cats stuck in cages throughout the game. It is also extremely useful because it allows players to save the time needed to backtrack through the labyrinth-like map.

Animal Well animal flute
Image Credit – Game Rant

Bouncy Ball

  • Location: Found in a secret area left of the bat chamber in the northwest of the map. Players need to create a K Medal by throwing Firecrackers near Kangaroos. Do this three times to collect enough K Shards to make the Medal. Afterward, place the K Medal on the pedestal left of the bats to unlock the secret area. Use the Bubble Wand to jump into the secret door that opens, get down to the chest, and open it to get the Bouncy Ball.

The Bouncy Ball item in Animal Well is good for destroying spikes that players encounter throughout the various areas.

Bouncy Ball animal well
Image Credit – Skyrux on Youtube

Bubble Wand

  • Location: The Bubble Wand is located in the very bottom left area of the map. Starting from the Egg Room, head to the left side of the map. You will come across a Telephone Save, save at it if you wish. After, head down the ladder and go to the right; you will come across another ladder, which you need to take into a room of water. There will be a Seahorse, ignore it and activate the three switches above you to, then exit the room on the left side. Once you leave, you can receive the Bubble Wand.

The Bubble Wand is a great item for a couple of reasons. Firstly, players can use it to get to higher-up places as they can summon bubbles and stand on them as platforms. Furthermore, the Wand can activate the Fish statues that are scattered around.

Animal Well Bubble Wand
Image Credit – Game Rant


  • Location: The Disk item is found in the Ghost Cat Statue room, specifically in the mouth of the statue. If players try to grab the Disk, they will be attacked by the Ghost Cat from above. Therefore, go back to the right and go up to the room above the Ghost Cat Statue. Pick up the Mock Disk from the chest, and then go back to the Statue room and swap the Disks so you don’t get attacked.

The Disk item in Animal Well is good for multiple purposes. Players can use it to move around the map as it is rideable. Additionally, if you are having trouble facing off against Dogs, you can use the Disk to distract them. Finally, you can use it to activate certain switches.

Disk Animal Well
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  • Location: In the blue ghost room, jump up and to the left to reach a ledge. Head into the next room by jumping across the platforms. Jump onto the moving platform into the next room. Activate the yellow button in there, then jump off the ledge and activate the crank below. It will create a platform for you to jump on and then activate the second yellow button. From there, head left to drop down to a passage and follow it to the right. Jump up onto the ledge and hit the last yellow button. Activate the crank again to raise a platform and go through the newly opened door to get the Firecrackers.

The Firecracker item is useful for lighting up areas that may be too dark. They can also scare ghosts away, which you’ll need to do in order to unlock the map.

Firecracker Animal Well
Image Credit – Game Rant


  • Location: After collecting and lighting the flames of the Seahorse, Chameleon, Ghost Cat, and Ostrich statues, a new location is unlocked in the south. Once players have entered the red room with the shadow creatures, they must head to the top-right path in that room with the ladder and ascend it. At the top of the ladder, head to the right and into the next room. The Lantern is in the first chest.

The Lantern item functions similarly to the Firecracker. It allows players to light up dark areas in the game and ward off ghosts. Additionally, areas with blue spirits can also be crossed through now while you’re carrying it.

Lantern location
Image Credit – Skryux on Youtube


  • Location: Retrieve the S Medal by backtracking to the Chameleon boss fight room. After, return to the starting area, and up to the left slightly is a pedestal to insert the S Medal into; doing so opens a door. Continue into the newly-opened pathway and descend down the ladder on the right into the next room. Take the next ladder down again into the Snake room and use the Snake to platform up to the left and trek to the next area. Open the chest in the bottom left of the room to obtain the Remote.

The Remote item only has one purpose, which is to activate switches with sensors that detect the Remote being used.

Remote location
Image Credit – Skryux on Youtube
  • Location: In the Chameleon boss room, activate the three yellow buttons and progress through the newly opened door on the bottom left. In the next room, ascend the ladder to the next area. At the top of the pyramid-like structure is where the Slink is.

Players can use the Slink item as a way to activate switches, which may be slightly too far for them to hit.

slink location
Image Credit – Skryux on Youtube


  • Location: Players can collect the top after finding 32 eggs around the different areas of the game. Once in the Egg Room, use the pathway that is second from the top on the left side. Progress through the open door to the next room. Directly ahead is the chest with the Top inside.

The Top item destroys various parts of floors to gain access to secret areas or otherwise inaccessible locations before.

Top location
Image Credit – nocaps on Youtube

UV Lantern

  • Location: After lighting each of the nine candles in the world, players must head to the room where the warp is, with the Beaver heads. A new room at the bottom left is now open, and a fish is sticking out of the wall. Shoot a bubble to open its mouth and climb inside. After going through the fish path, you will drop into a room, head to the far right through the spikes, and turn the crank to lift the E Medal chest out of the water and get it before it descends into the water again. Next, backtrack to the Seahorse boss fight room and progress right through two rooms. Jump onto the Fish head statue, up to the right, and through to the next area. Use the top to create a path. Place the E Medal into the pedestal and drop down the new path to a new room. Proceed left and drop down onto a platform with an Organ, play the Animal Flute to awaken the Bone Fish, and proceed to play the notes in this order: Up Left, Down, Bottom Left, Left, Bottom Left, Upper Right, Upper Left. Once its mouth opens, jump in, and you will be taken to a chest; inside is the UV Lantern.

The UV Lantern item allows players to see and read hidden messages written on different walls in the game.

UV Lantern location
Image Credit – Skryux on Youtube


  • Location: Free the five caged Cats around the Ostrich boss fight room. After, head to the elevator powered by the Mouse and go upwards. Jump off on the platform to the right and use the Top item to destroy the floor to a new area. Proceed to the next room with the Bobcat and all of the rescued Cats. The Bobcat will open the cage, and the wheel is inside the chest.

Players can use the Wheel item to roll over spikes in the world and to push boxes.

Wheel item location
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  • Location: In the Ostrich boss fight, there is a small hole as you progress forward, drop down into it. Push the yellow button, climb back up to the left, and drop down into the next hole on your left. Go left, push the yellow button, and get back up. In the last hole on the left, go down, and in the top right is a yellow button; push it. Continue to the left and hit the last yellow switch. Proceed back up and leave the boss area on the left side. Drop down the hole to the telephone and platform to the right into the next room. Continue right to the next area and inside the chest in the room is the YoYo item.

The YoYo item has three different functions. Players can guide Chinchillas with it, hit switches, and alternate the orientation of Hamster wheels throughout the game.

YoYo item location in Animal Well
Image Credit – Skryux on Youtube

That is everything you need to know about how to get all of the items in Animal Well. If you like this article and wish to see more like it, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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