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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to Find and Tame A Horse?

Embarking on your adventure through Hyrule requires a trusty companion by your side. Much like in its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) allows you to tame horses, maintaining a stable of these loyal four-legged allies to accompany you on your journey.

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Where Can You Find A Stable?

It’s crucial to know where to stable your horse before even attempting to tame one, as it can be quite challenging and disappointing to lose your hard-earned equine companion due to a lack of stabling options.

As a beginner, the Riverland Stable is a good starting point. Conveniently located southeast of Lookout Landing, it can be easily found by simply following the path down from this point. Upon reaching a stable, you now have a haven to register any future horses you tame in Tears of the Kingdom.

A pro tip for your travels across Hyrule: keep an eye out for drifting smoke puffs in the air, as these often indicate a stable’s vicinity. As long as you stick to the trails, you’re bound to stumble upon a stable eventually.

Tears of the Kingdom Stable

Tears of the Kingdom: Where Can You Find A Horse?

Hyrule’s expansive world in Tears of the Kingdom is filled with horses that can be found virtually anywhere. However, your best bet for finding these magnificent creatures is often in verdant, grassy fields.

If you’ve been following the previous guidance on stabling, let’s use that knowledge to our advantage. Head to a grassy field located just south of Lookout Landing. These fields are usually teeming with horses, providing an excellent opportunity for you to tame one.

Once you’ve successfully tamed a horse, you can promptly escort it to the nearby Riverland Stable. This location is convenient, as it’s relatively close to the grassy fields, minimizing the journey and effort it takes to secure your new companion in a stable after taming.

How Can You Tame a Horse in Tears of the Kingdom?

Taming a horse in Tears of the Kingdom involves a few simple yet strategic steps. First, you’ll need to sneak up on the horse, mount it, and stay on long enough to soothe it into submission. It sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? However, the tricky part usually lies in the initial approach, as horses are skittish creatures and tend to bolt if they sense your presence.

One effective strategy is to approach the horse from above. Launching off a tower and parachuting down can often catch the horse unawares, making it easier for you to mount.

If a skyward approach isn’t feasible, you can also try a ground-level approach. By pressing in on the left controller stick, you can make Link crouch low, making it easier to sneak up on the horse from behind. Once you’re close enough, press A to mount the horse. From here, rapidly pressing the L button will calm the horse down, a process that uses up stamina. If your stamina is running low before the horse is tamed, simply pause the game and have Link eat some food.

Another method involves using treats like carrots or apples to lure the horse. Approach slowly with the treat in hand; while this doesn’t always work, some horses will gladly accept the treat, making taming them significantly easier.

Remember, taming a horse doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fully obedient just yet. Newly-tamed horses can be a bit unpredictable, sometimes halting abruptly or stubbornly veering off course. To manage this, continue to soothe the horse by occasionally pressing the L button, or speed up the bonding process by feeding it treats.

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How Can You Register Your Horse at a Stable in Tears of the Kingdom?

After you’ve tamed a horse and brought it to a stable, the next step is registration. This process is fairly straightforward. Simply approach the person behind the counter at the stable and have 20 rupees at hand to cover the registration fee.

One personal touch you can add during this process is naming your horse. Choose a name that resonates with you, as this will be your trusty companion throughout your journey in Hyrule. Once registered, your horse will be ready and waiting for you whenever you return to the stable, offering a reliable means of transport as you explore the vast realms of Tears of the Kingdom.

How Can You Determine A Horse’s Stats?

Each horse in Tears of the Kingdom has unique statistics that make it well-suited for different tasks. These stats include strength, speed, stamina, pull, and temperament. You can see this information at the stables where you can also name the horse.

One notable feature in Tears of the Kingdom, compared to its predecessor, is the introduction of the ‘pull’ statistic. This measures the horse’s ability to tow objects, providing a new layer of utility and strategy when choosing your equine companion.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Horses
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Where Can You Find A Towing Harness?

A Towing Harness is an essential item in Tears of the Kingdom if you plan on using your horse to tow objects, like a Wagon. Fortunately, obtaining a Towing Harness is a straightforward process.

All it takes is 3 Pony Points and once you have the required number, visit any stable in Hyrule. Here, you can exchange your points for a Towing Harness.

Remember, stables are not just for horse registration; they also serve as trading posts for important equine equipment. Whether it’s upgrading your horse’s gear or trading in Pony Points for useful items like the Towing Harness, stables are your go-to location for all your horse-related needs in Tears of the Kingdom.

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