TLOZ Tears Of The Kingdom Horse Pony Points

How Can You Earn Pony Points in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is an awe-inspiring expanse, drawing inspiration from its predecessor while expanding upon it in monumental ways. Just like its acclaimed predecessor, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom introduces the thrilling ability to tame horses, granting you swifter traversal across the vast landscape. However, an exciting addition to the game comes in the form of Pony Points, a fresh feature that adds a new layer of depth and rewards to your epic adventure.

Pony Points are a new feature in Tears of the Kingdom. They are valuable items that can be collected and used for various purposes within the game.

Earning Pony Points involves performing certain actions, like resting at a stable or registering a new horse. Each of these actions costs 20 Rupees, so make sure you have some currency on hand before attempting to earn Pony Points.

TLOZ Tears Of The Kingdom Horse Pony Points
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What Can You Use Pony Points For in Tears of the Kingdom?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Pony Points you can earn and what they can be exchanged for:

  • Towing Harness: Trade in 3 Points to acquire this useful item for moving heavy objects.
  • Horse-God Fabric: This special fabric can be yours for 5 Points.
  • Sleep at Malanya Bed: Need a rest? It’ll cost you 7 Points for a good night’s sleep at the Malanya Bed.
  • Register an Additional Horse: You can add another horse to your stable for 10 Points.
  • Traveller’s Saddle and Bridle: Enhance your horse’s gear with this set for 13 Points.
  • Mane-restyling Service: Give your horse a new look for 16 Points.
  • Register an Additional Horse: Expand your stable with another horse for 20 Points.
  • Knight’s Saddle and Bridle: Get this premium horse gear for 23 Points.

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