Wacky Soapbox Racer, Zeepkist, Receives Huge Workshop Update

The soapbox-racer Zeepkist, by Steelpan Interactive, has received a huge feature update that adds workshop support and the sharing of player-built levels.

Zeepkist is a multiplayer-focused soapbox racing game that utilises its physics engine to create emergent wacky fun. It launched into Early Access in January of this year and has since received rave reviews. Back in February, we had a chance to review it, and gave it a 7.5 out of 10, citing it as a “Classic in the making”. Since its release, Zeepkist has received multiple updates. These include the Under Construction update which added a whole slew of new objects to use in the level editor, as well as the Medals update which added medals to the end of levels. Now, The Workshop update has landed, bringing Zeepkist into Version 4. Yannic Geurts, the sole developer of Zeepkist, spoke about the benefits of bringing workshop support to Zeepkist.

Workshop support was planned from day one, and I’m really excited to finally have it in the game! There’s no point in having a level editor if you can’t also share your levels. One thing you always see in games like this is that players’ imaginations are often far wilder than anything the developers envisioned, and I always love seeing such creativity! I can’t wait to see what kind of levels people come up with for Zeepkist!” 

Yannic Geurts ~ Steelpan Interactive

What’s New In The Workshop Update?

The Workshop update brings a lot of features set to build upon the Zeepkist community interaction. Essentially, the update allows for Workshop support, meaning players can share their custom-built levels with other players. This not only expands the amount of content available in Zeepkist drastically but allows for players to show off their hard work. The update brings with it some additional changes, as well as some bug fixes. Below are the new additions outside of the workshop support:

  • Split-time tracking at checkpoints
  • Improved level-select interface
  • A brand new slippery ice material
Zeepkist - Gameplay
Image Credit – Steelpan Interactive

If you’re interested in checking out some of the other changes, you can head on over to Zeepkist’s Steam store page, or alternatively, go directly to the update post made there. Also be sure to check out Zeepkist’s amazing theme song by Duncan Steven, which I cannot seem to get out of my head.