Custom Xbox Series X for Cancer

Xbox ANZ & Cure Cancer Unveil Custom Xbox Series X Consoles

Xbox ANZ and Cure Cancer are partnering with Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe of The University of Queensland to unveil three custom Xbox Series X consoles inspired by Dr. Kulasinghe’s award-winning cancer research.

These stunning designs are based on Dr. Kulasinghe’s special tumour mapping approach, aided by Akoya Biosciences and Nanostring Technologies. This process allows medical experts and specialists to identify cellular architecture and areas that were resistant to treatment, a life-changing milestone for anyone undergoing cancer treatment.

Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe remarked: “These groundbreaking realisations of how cells organise and communicate have been captured by these images that are now featured on the Xbox Series X consoles. With Xbox and Cure Cancer, we’ve been able to further highlight the transformative leaps we’ve achieved in cancer research.”

The Cure Cancer CEO, Nikki Kinloch, added, “It is truly incredible how this rare moment of scientific breakthrough is beautifully represented through this collaboration with Xbox. It brings much-needed awareness for supporting groundbreaking cancer research to the wider community, which has always been our mission at Cure Cancer. We are extremely proud of Dr Arutha. Being able to see resistance and sensitivity to current generations of cancer therapies at the time of diagnosis is groundbreaking, and it can be life-changing for those who are going through cancer treatment.”

Custom Xbox Series X for Cancer Close Up Shot

How Can You Win The Xbox Series X Consoles?

The Auction is now live to win one of the three custom Xbox Series X Consoles, and you can make a bid via the link here. Due to this being an Auction with a bidding system, you will need to bid the highest amount before the bidding ends on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 11:59 pm AEST.

From now until April 30, the custom-designed consoles will be on display at the Microsoft Experience Centre at Westfield Sydney. Therefore, if you’re in town, you can check out what the consoles look like before making an official bid. All proceeds will go to Cure Cancer so they can continue their incredible research.

This isn’t the first time that Xbox has teamed up with other brands to launch custom Xbox consoles. Previously, they have partnered with Shapes to provide a Chicken Crimpy-themed Xbox Series S console and a Barbeque Shapes-themed Xbox Series X console.