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Will the New Zealand Trick Work for Starfield?

As Bethesda’s Starfield is edging closer to release, players who want to play early might look towards using the New Zealand trick.

We know that players looking to play the game early can do so through early access via the Constellation Edition. However, the New Zealand trick might allow players in certain regions to play Starfield even earlier.

What is the New Zealand Trick?

The New Zealand trick is a workaround players can use to play games earlier than others. Titles that utilize region-specific launches will be released at times different from others. Therefore, countries like New Zealand have games released almost a whole day earlier than those in North America. More specifically, when it reaches midnight in that region, and with New Zealand being one of the first to do so, they receive first access to a game’s launch.

Typically, players must set their console timezone to follow that of New Zealand, allowing them to start playing the game earlier and a head start over players on the other side of the world. However, the trick isn’t that simple for PlayStation 5 titles as games on the console are region-specific purchases and require both a New Zealand account and purchasing on the New Zealdn store in order to play it early.

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Will the New Zealand Trick work for Starfield?

Even though Starfield is launching in early access, the New Zealand trick will not work for the game. This is due to Starfield unlocking on both PC and Xbox at one unified time around the world.

At the main launch of the game on September 6, 2023, and the early access period, the title will be released at the same time, globally.

Those interested in more information on Starfield including review embargo lifting and different factions of the game can check out the game’s guide hub here.


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