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What Platforms Will GTA 6 Be On at Launch?

GTA 6 has finally been unveiled and will be released in 2025, leading fans to start wondering what platforms it will launch on.

It seems almost unbelievable that GTA 6 has been officially revealed, and yet here we are. The next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, almost a decade in the making, will be released in 2025. However, until recently, fans were unsure of which platforms it would launch on. After all, GTA 5 has practically been on every platform under the sun. Below, we explain which platforms GTA 6 is launching on in 2025.

Every Platform GTA 6 Is Releasing On

GTA 6 will be launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. This is according to an official press release from Rockstar Games. However, so far, the developer has yet to announce if the game is coming to PC. While it seems highly unlikely that the game would skip the platform entirely, it is possible that a PC version will be delayed until after 2025. After all, GTA 5 was released on consoles in 2013 but not on PC until 2 years later in 2015.

What we do know is that it will be skipping the last generation entirely, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GTA 6 will be a next-gen exclusive, meaning you won’t be able to play it if you’re still on last-gen hardware. However, this comes as no surprise, considering it will be released in 2025. By that point, the PS5 will be 5 years old, with the PS4 celebrating its 12-year anniversary.

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Of course, not all of the official details have been announced, and Rockstar is yet to clarify if GTA 6 will be released on PC in 2025 or at a later date. So, while you wait, why not salivate over every detail in the new trailer? Or perhaps you’d enjoy speculating wildly on the game’s story, gameplay, and setting. Either way, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more guides just like this one.

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