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GTA 6: All Leaks and Rumours

A significant amount of GTA 6 leaks and rumors have come out, giving fans a better glimpse into what Rockstar Games’ next title will be like.

On September 18, 2022, a user leaked 90 gameplay clips of GTA 6 online in what is perhaps the biggest gaming leak in history. The details from this leak revealed several new gameplay features, characters, locations, story details, and more, which were then compiled into one massive document. We’ve broken down these leaks below so you can see everything we know about GTA 6.

GTA 6 Release Date

The release date for GTA 6 is between Monday, April 1, 2024, and Monday, March 31, 2025. This is according to a Take-Two Interactive (the publisher of GTA 6) investor’s call. During the call, the Chief Financial Officer mentioned that during the 2025 fiscal year, they would see “a significant inflection point in fiscal 2025 that will culminate in us delivering new record levels of operating performance next year and beyond.”

While it is not direct confirmation that GTA 6 will be launching during the 2025 fiscal year, it is highly likely that the game is the “significant inflection point,” considering the hype surrounding it and the massive success of GTA 5. You can read more release date rumors here.

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GTA 6 Trailer Leaks

There are currently no official GTA 6 trailers; however, several leaks have rumored that one may be on its way soon. For example, fans recently saw that a video had been uploaded to the official Rockstar Games website, indicating that a trailer could be imminent.

Furthermore, Reddit user FollowTheDamnLeakCJ claims that his wife works at Rockstar and has seen a trailer that is due soon. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 Story Leaks

In the document compiling all of the GTA 6 leaks were a handful of references to the game’s story, including its cast of characters. While there aren’t a lot of specific story details, we’ve listed as many of them as we can below.

GTA 6 All Characters

16 different characters from GTA 6, including the dual protagonists, were mentioned or seen in the leaked gameplay. We’ve listed all of them below, although details on them are currently scarce.

  • Lucia – Protagonist
  • Jason – Protagonist
  • Dre
  • Sam
  • Kai
  • Wyman
  • Billy
  • Tit
  • Zach
  • RB Shaw
  • Vicky
  • Shanese
  • Boobie
  • Danny
  • Chester
  • Dale
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GTA 6 Gameplay Leaks

Several gameplay videos ranging from 10 seconds to 3 minutes were leaked online, showcasing a lot of new features in GTA 6. You can check out some of that gameplay here, although bear in mind it is unfinished. However, from those gameplay clips and the aforementioned document, we’ve compiled the most substantial gameplay features that were revealed.

Female Protagonist

GTA 6 will include a female protagonist for the first time. She’s called Lucia and will be playable alongside her companion Jason. This was all revealed in that original gameplay leak, although it isn’t clear what her story is. All we know is that she and Jason are in love and have a similar crime-fueled romance to Bonnie and Clyde.

New Map

GTA 6 will be predominantly set in Vice City and will feature an entirely new map from GTA: Vice City. Much of this map was seen in the original gameplay leak, including minimarts, a football stadium, and a marina. Of course, we’ve not seen everything, but fans should expect a lively city.

Revamped Police System

The police system has been improved, with witnesses now giving full or partial details about your appearance and vehicle. Once you’ve committed a crime, it will now say Full Description under the Wanted Level, implying that the police have a complete description of what you look like and are thus able to find you easily.

Additionally, it will now say Full Vehicle Description beneath the Wanted Level. In the leaked gameplay, NPCs have yellow markers above their heads to indicate if they’ve seen you and that they will call the police.

GTA 5 police

Finally, the police will take some time to get to you, with the game showcasing the time until the cops are dispatched to your location. Once they arrive, they will wait outside for you rather than rushing in.

Improved AI

AI has had a massive overhaul in GTA 6, with both the enemy AI and NPC AI behaving more naturally and intelligently. Enemies can now raise their guns above high surfaces, ensuring they don’t need to peak over them, revealing their heads.

Additionally, NPCs can now travel around as a group, which was first seen in Red Dead Redemption 2. NPCs can also enter and exit buildings at the same time as the player, as well as exhibit normal behaviors such as sitting around, smoking, and drinking.

Hair Length & Weight Gain System

The player’s hair and facial hair can now grow longer and change color and style, much like how it was done in Red Dead Redemption 2. Additionally, you can gain weight or muscle depending on how much exercise you do.

This is based on the leaked gameplay, in which the two protagonists, Lucia and Jason, have vastly different body types and hairstyles across each gameplay clip. Of course, it’s possible that over the course of the story, they change, or that over the course of development, they changed. However, it seems likely that at least the hair system from RDR2 will carry over.

Hair system in Red Dead Redemption 2
The hair system in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Enterable Buildings

There are several buildings that can be entered without loading screens, with the leaked gameplay showing upwards of 157 different interiors. These include:

  • Malibu Club
  • Pawn Shop
  • Jack of Hearts Strip Club
  • Supermarkets
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Laundries

You can also rob these buildings and then escape seamlessly without loading screens.

Purchasable Buildings

You will be able to purchase buildings and businesses in GTA 6. This was seen in the gameplay leaks, with several buildings appearing as if they could be bought.

Smoking, Eating & Drinking

You can eat and drink from your inventory at any time, as well as smoke in GTA 6. During the gameplay leaks, Jason is seen with soda and fruit in his inventory, as well as a cigarette icon in his weapon wheel. Additionally, you can purchase gumballs from gumball machines scattered across the map.

Michael smoking weed in GTA 5

Money Laundering

During the gameplay leak, an icon of a washing machine with a dollar symbol in it was visible on a car wash property, indicating that the player can launder their money there. It’s possible that players will be able to purchase businesses, as mentioned above, and then use them to launder money gained from crimes.

Improved Vehicles

Vehicles have been significantly improved in GTA 6, with car hijacking, vehicle handling, and vehicle destruction seeing big changes. It now seems possible to fail car hijacking attempts, with more expensive cars being harder to hijack and even requiring a special tool called Immobilizer Bypass.

Additionally, vehicles are now destroyed in a more realistic fashion. The leaked gameplay showcased a car crashing with its front fender splitting apart and the hood bending. Finally, car interiors are more realistic, and the dashboard realistically displays the GPS when in first-person mode.

GTA 6 All Weapons

15 unique weapons were shown off in the leaked GTA 6 footage, including returning and new ones. We’ve listed all of the ones we currently know about below:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • M16 & AK47 Assault Rifles
  • Baseball Bat
  • Polymer Pistol
  • Knife
  • Bolt Action Sniper
  • Molotov
  • Speargun
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Compact SMG
  • Flashbang
  • Hunter Sniper
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Carbine Auto Rifle
  • Pump Action Shotgun
GTA 5 weapon vendor

GTA 6 Price Leaks

GTA 6 will reportedly cost $2 billion to develop, making it the most expensive game ever made. This is according to X (formerly Twitter) user GTA 6 News, who posted about this rumor back in July. This caused fans to speculate that GTA could cost as much as $150 to play, although this seems highly unlikely, considering the average price of a triple-A game is $70.

That’s every GTA 6 that we currently know about. Of course, we’ll make sure to update this article with any future leaks. In the meantime, check out our Games Hub for all the latest GTA 6 news.

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