GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6) Trailer Premiere with Release Date of 2025

GTA 6 Trailer & Release Date Details

The first trailer for GTA 6 has been officially released, showcasing the game’s setting, protagonists, story, and, most importantly, its release date.

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the world’s most recognizable, if not the most recognizable, gaming franchises. Since GTA 5 launched over a decade ago, fans have been waiting for any information about GTA 6. Fortunately, after being leaked first, Rockstar Games has officially released the first trailer for GTA 6. Below, you can get your first look at what GTA 6 will be like.

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GTA 6 Trailer Details

The GTA 6 trailer shows two protagonists, Lucia and her partner, trying their best to survive in Vice City. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay; instead, it is entirely comprised of cutscene footage. It’s predominantly a vibe trailer, showcasing small details of the game’s story, as well as its setting. There’s lots of mobile phone footage of the city’s inhabitants getting up to no good, intercut with footage from police body cameras and CCTV of crimes taking place. We also see different areas of the map, including the Florida Keys and the Everglades, as people are shown driving an airboat through swampy marshlands.

The trailer was initially supposed to debut on December 5, 2023. However, a leak beat Rockstar Games to the punch, forcing them to officially release it. Below is the first footage of GTA 6 and what players can expect from the game.

GTA 6 Release Date Details

GTA 6 is revealed to be launching in 2025. While no specific date has been announced, it is suspected to drop during Q3/Q4 or between July and December. This was the case with previous releases from Rockstar Games, including GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. As time passes, more information will be revealed about the title, including that of the returning GTA Online mode in its newest format.

That is everything we know from the first GTA 6 trailer release. While there is still more to be revealed, check out our Game Guide Hub for more details on the upcoming title.


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