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What is Remnant 2’s File Size on PC and Consoles?

Remnant 2 releases in a couple of weeks and many might be wondering how much storage the game will take up on PC and consoles.

Gamers can explore new and familiar worlds on a journey to combat enemies that threaten the last remnants of humanity. Starting by creating a character and choosing a class. Players embark on their quest across strange and fantastical places while defeating unforgiving bosses to keep the world safe.

Gunfire Games looks to continue expanding the series with Remnant 2, giving more for all to experience. Worlds in Remnant 2 will have their own stories, and players will learn more as they continue quests in each destination. Furthermore, new archetypes can be mixed together to give a hybrid experience of their choosing.

Many details have come out for Remnant 2 recently and now information on file size has been revealed for players to prepare their storage.

What is The Remnant 2 File Size On PC?

According to the official game page on Steam, players on PC will need 80GB of free space in order to play Remnant 2. This is an average game size in this era and is pretty acceptable. It’s a step up from Remnant: From The Ashes as that was only 40GB with all the expansions installed.

Also included on the Steam page are the recommended specifications for players to have a smooth experience.

What Is Remnant 2’s File Size On Console?

Xbox lists the official game size to be about 64GB on Xbox Series X/S, which is currently lower than the storage required to play on PC.

The file size is not shown on the PlayStation Store. However, if the Xbox description is anything to go off of, PlayStation players will also be looking at a 64GB file install. A small storage size to pay in order for many to enjoy a fantastic title.

Players can look forward to Remnant 2 when it launches on July 21, 2023, for early access editions and July 25, 2023, for Standard and Deluxe owners.


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