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We Are Football Goes Green in New Update (Patch Notes)

THQ Nordic’s We Are Football has gone green in the latest update by adding sustainability features that every good manager should consider.

We Are Football differs a little from Football Manager in what you manage. Instead of focusing on heavy match tactics, the game chooses to concentrate on building the entire club infrastructure. This includes the food you sell and how you treat the fans.

The latest update introduces the climate protection package. Now, players can power their stadiums with a wind turbine or treat their fans to vegan food in reusable dishes. There are also new updates surrounding better management for the 2nd team and improvements to training camps.

We Are Football Key Art Liverpool Trophy Room
Image Credit – THQ Nordic

Patch Notes

You can check out the full patch notes below:

Climate Protection Package

  • New elements/buildings for better climate protection (solar panels, wind turbines, charging stations, fusion reactor)
  • CO2 neutrality can be aimed for
  • New options in the stadium area: reusable cups, vegan food, energy-saving light bulbs
  • Air travel has a negative impact, rail travel a positive one
  • Purchase of climate certificates
  • Climate protection prize can be won

Transparency Focus

  • New tab in player profile for own players: Detailed explanation of which factors currently influence the grit and happiness of a player
  • Missing tooltips added to various player values in the profile, expanded glossary
  • Current and reasonable number of buildings are now displayed during construction

Training Camp Special

  • Training camp selection via calendar
  • 4 new training camps in France, Italy and Greece (2)
  • Extensive final report for training camps; with special bonuses, many new events, winners and losers of the preparation, etc.


  • Detailed line-up instructions to the manager of the 2nd team possible (largely corresponds to the possibilities with the rule-based line-ups of the 1st team)
  • Formation of the 2nd team can be optionally set via the formation selector on the pitch, the manager of the 2nd team must then take this into account
  • Last match report can now be called up directly for the 2nd team, league status is displayed
We Are Football Key Art Snowy Facilities
Image Credit – THQ Nordic

Further Innovations

  • Line-up: Different orders for the columns can now be selected here, e.g. the player skills can be moved to the right
  • Various lists in the game can now be printed (e.g. player squad, statistics); if no printer is available, PDFs can also be created, e.g. on Microsoft OneDrive
  • Psychological profile of the 1st team can be created, including an overview of the number of special characters in the team.
  • Further increases in budgets through additional income in the cup, European Cup or through additional sponsors
  • New statistics: Season tickets, own goals (teams), specials
  • Optional use of hero pictures even after changing clubs
  • 14 new city photos
  • Possibility as a manager to sign a contract only for the coming season
  • Update of the Austrian league (composition and match days)
  • Team events for team spirit (climbing garden), grit (nature experiences) and satisfaction (amusement park)
  • Optional use of large photos for goalkeeper/goal scorer of the year
  • Development of form is displayed in the player info under “Season” for each player as a bar chart


  • STATISTICS: team ratings: Crash after changing leagues fixed
  • CLUB AREA: Various objects, especially trees, can now be placed correctly again
  • SCOUTING: Better hiding of player values
  • YOUTH: The equipment of the youth camp is now also deducted from the budget (before only from the account)
  • BOARD: The contract can now also be viewed here (as under Personal)
  • YOUTH VIEW: Problem with pause button fixed
  • DATA: Various updates

We are Football is available now on PC via Steam, and is also 25% off for Steam’s Autumn Sale.


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