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Mystery Visual Novel & Coffee Tycoon Game, Coffee Noir, Coming Soon

The neo-noir visual novel tycoon mash-up game Coffee Noir, developed by DOJI and NAOS Software, will be launching onto Steam and GOG later this month.

If you’ve ever wanted to solve crimes all while running a successful coffee empire, then Coffee Noir may just be for you. It is the debut game of Polish development studio DOJI, whose primary focus is blending education with gaming. An announcement trailer was uploaded onto YouTube over a year ago now, so long-time fans have been waiting quite a while to get their hands on this. Fortunately, the developers have announced a release date and it’s not long from now.

Image Credit – DOJI

You can watch the announcement trailer for it here.

What Is Coffee Noir?

Coffee Noir is one part mystery visual novel and one part coffee tycoon game. During the days you’ll manage a coffee business where you must manage your team, handle production and ensure that your business stays afloat. At night is when things take a twist and you don the hat of an investigator. You’ll have to visit potential witnesses and suspects linked to a vanished coffee magnate. Question them and search for crucial clues that may unravel the mystery. Here is some of what you can expect when Coffee Noir launches later this month:

  • Manage your coffee empire by day ensuring your staff are happy, production goes smoothly and your buisness doesn’t fall to pieces
  • Solve the disappearence of a coffee magnate by night. Search for clues, interrogate witnesses and don’t trust anyone
  • Negotiate with your buisness partners to net incredible deals and essential clues
  • Immerse yourself in a 40s atmosphere packed with smooth jazz and incredible artwork
  • Experience a fully voiceacted story presented like an interactive comic
Coffee Noir - Gameplay
Image Credit – DOJI

Release Date & Price

Coffee Noir is launching on September 30th for both Steam and While there is currently no word on pricing, you can try its free demo on either platform. Be sure to wishlist it so you’re notified when it launches.