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Free To Play Basketball Game, Swing Dunk, Coming To Steam

Developer Buckplay.inc has announced that their free-to-play physics-based basketball game, Swing Dunk, will be releasing into Steam Early Access tomorrow.

For those who wish that Rocket League was about basketball instead of football and played on hoverboards instead of in cars, then Swing Dunk might just be for you. This physics-based basketball game is, according to the press release, “a new take on the basketball game genre”. It will launch into Early Access and will stay there “for about a year”. During this time, the developers plan to add more content “such as various game modes” as well as improve its graphics and sound effects. They also want to add “in-game equipment and decorative items” throughout. You can check out the game’s release trailer here.

Image Credit – Buckplay.inc

What Is Swing Dunk?

Swing Dunk is a physics-based basketball game all about the freedom to play how you want. With an integrated physics system, players can toss, pass, and dunk the ball however they so desire. The ball won’t lock onto targets but will instead rely on the player’s precision and skill. Players will fly around on hoverboards blocking, passing, dunking and just plain old throwing the ball around the field. With a 3 v 3 and 1 v 1 game mode present on day one, Swing Dunk is looking to take over the basketball scene. Here is some of what you can expect on launch:

  • Play basketball like never before with intuitive physics-based gameplay
  • Perform crazy tricks on your hoverboard as you whizz around the field
  • Team up with up to 8 other players online
  • Customize your characters with diverse perks that enhance various abilities
Swing Dunk - Gameplay
Image Credit – Buckplay.inc

Release Date & Price

Swing Dunk is releasing on September 16 and will be free-to-play and will be “without any pay-to-win business model“. You can pick it up via its Steam store page.

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