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The Game of Fourtune, the Thrilling Visual Novel, is Out Now

Developer and publisher BlackLock Games is happy to announce that their upcoming visual novel, The Game of Fourtune, is out now on Steam.

BlackLock Games seeks to create engaging mystery and character-driven narrative games that will pull on your heartstrings and get your mind buzzing. Kenneth Norris of BlackLock Games had this to say about the game’s launch: “I’ve worked with a large amount of talented people putting this together and I honestly feel a little sad that it’s almost over. That being said, things aren’t completely finished yet. As I’ve already drafted up some special bonuses for the game that will come out later.”

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What is Game of Fourtune?

Inspired by the popular manga series Alice in Borderland, The Game of Fourtune is a thrilling visual novel, set in a mysterious world where players must uncover the motives and objectives of an underground criminal organisation known as The Digits of Eden. Along the way, players will discover the involvement of the goddess Bell and why sixteen individuals must engage in deadly games to achieve their heart’s desire. As players progress through the game, they will face various choices that will determine their fate, all while trying to figure out which contestants they can trust.

You can expect the game to offer the following:

  • Character-driven story: Follow Clyde and Devon as they navigate the dangerous Game of Fourtune alongside 14 other players, each with their own secrets, agendas, and goals.
  • 16 unique routes: Explore 16 different routes for each character you meet, with varying perspectives and games that reveal more about each character’s past, desires, and reasons for participating in the game.
  • Puzzles and death games: Each route offers a variety of puzzles and death games, testing your skills in trust, strategy, and combat.
  • Elegant flowchart system: Keep track of your progress and explore different paths using the simple and intuitive flowchart system.
  • Uncover the greater plot: Beyond the deadly games, uncover the deeper mysteries and discover the greater plans of some characters, who may be using the game for their own schemes or to serve others in power. Your choices will determine the ultimate outcome and ending.
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Release Date and Price

The long-awaited release of The Game of Fourtune on Steam has arrived after two years of development. This exciting new visual novel is now available for purchase at US$24.99 / AU$ 36.50, offering over 60 hours of gameplay.

Fans of the game can also purchase the original soundtrack composed by Jeff Penny (known for his work on Just Cause 4 and Second Extinction) for US$9.99 / AU$13.19. For a bundled price of US$31.49 / AU$44.72, players can get both the game and the soundtrack.


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