Gloom and Doom is Bringing The ’90s to 2022

Developer Neo Tegoel Games and publisher Viridian Studios are porting the 90’s themed visual novel, Gloom and Doom to consoles later this month.

Launched in Jan. 2021, Gloom and Doom embraced the 90’s era slacker film genre to positive reviews. The solo dev has shown a penchant for sharing intimate stories that bring us together. As a result, their first demo title, Get The Kids To School details the morning struggles of being a parent. Likewise, Gloom and Doom continues this trend but with more mature elements.

Gloom and Doom screenshot
Neo Tegoel Games

What is Gloom and Doom?

Adding the occult to the iconic outcast formula, the game features a sardonic cast of ghoulies and misfits. Gloom is a wraith, aiming to enter the gates of Heaven playing hitman for an angel. However, his final target is Wynona, a suicidal and unkillable video store clerk. It escalates even further when Gloom learns that Wynona may be the catalyst to the end of the world. Things are likely to get messy before they get better.

  • Seven possible endings
  • A ’90s-inspired comic book style
  • A colorful cast of characters, including a skateboarding angel and demonic girl-next-door
  • Non-linear comedic story
Gloom and Doom screenshot
Neo Tegoel Games

Release Date

Gloom and Doom is coming to consoles on July 19th. The game is set to release for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series S/X for $39.99 (USD)/€34.99 (EUR). A release on Playstation consoles is set for a later date. In addition, PC owners can get their hands on the game via Steam right now. Head over to the Steam store page for more information and trailers.