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The Finals: How Many Players Per Team?

Players looking to cause chaos and steal money in The Finals will need backup, as it’s a team-orientated game.

The Finals allows players to play only in teams with friends or others worldwide. As with many first-person shooters, team sizes usually consist of two six-player teams competing against each other. However, The Finals have changed up the formula in an interesting way that may come as a surprise or disappointment to players. We have all the details below on how many players there are per team in the game.

How Many Players Are on a Team in the Finals?

There are three players in a team when playing in a match of The Finals. Four teams populate a match, bringing the total number of players to 12. The size of the maps, in combination with the number of players, creates the perfect amount of action in the game. Those playing will not have to worry about spending most of the match looking for enemies to fight against, as it’s designed in a way that players will get a short reprieve before lunging headfirst into another firefight.

This team-size design hasn’t been seen much in modern first-person shooters. Games like Fortnite had limited-time modes like 20 vs. 20 vs. 20 but mainly stuck to their standard Battle Royale team size of one up to four players. The Finals changing it up is a welcome sign, especially as their standard at launch. Whether or not Embark Studios (the developers behind the game) decide to add bigger team sizes remains to be seen.

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Is There Backfill for Teams in The Finals?

Yes, Backfill during a match does take place in The Finals. Backfill allows players searching for a game to join one in progress if a spot is open on a team. The Finals had this function disabled for a while. This meant if two players on a team left, the one participant remaining on that team would not receive any more teammates and either must quit the match and forfeit or stick around and play through the remainder by themselves.

No matter what your squad setup is, there is always destruction and competition awaiting you in The Finals. Make sure to look into the Game Hub for more information and guides on the new free-to-play shooter.


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