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The 2023 Steam Awards: Full List of Awards and Nominees

The Steam Awards returns for another year in 2023, and here is the complete list of video game awards and nominees.

Voting for The 2023 Steam Awards opens from 10:00 am PT on December 21, 2023 (5:00 am AEDT on December 22) to 10:00 am PT on January 2, 2024 (5:00 am AEDT on January 3). There are 11 different awards categories, and you can cast your votes via the Steam website. Here are all the awards and nominees.

Game of the Year Award

VR Game of the Year Award

  • F1 23
  • Ghosts of Tabor
  • Gorilla Tag
  • I Expect You to Die 3
  • Labyrinthine

Labour of Love Award

  • Apex Legends
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Dota 2
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Rust
The player on the computer in Lethal Company
In-game Screenshot of Lethal Company

Best Game on Steam Deck Award

Better With Friends Award

Outstanding Visual Style Award

  • Atomic Heart
  • Cocoon
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • High on Life
  • Inward

Most Innovative Gameplay Award

Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot of Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Game You Suck At Award

Best Soundtrack Award

  • Chants of Sennaar
  • Hi-Fi RUSH
  • Persona 5 Tactica – Review
  • Pizza Tower
  • The Last of Us Part 1

Outstanding Rich Story Award

Sit Back and Relax Award

  • Cities Skylines 2
  • Coral Island
  • Dave the Diver – Review
  • Potion Craft
  • Train Sim World 4

Those are all the games nominated for The 2023 Steam Awards. Who do you think will win the awards, and what are your favorite games? Seeing Lethal Company competing in the Game of the Year award is a great achievement.


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