Tchia Key Art Awaceb

Tchia, the Stunning Soul-Searching Adventure, Launches in March

Kepler Interactive and Awaceb are happy to announce that their charming soul-jumping adventure, Tchia, will arrive on PC via Epic Games Store and PlayStation consoles on March 21.

Furthermore, Phil Crifo, Tchia’s Game Director and Awaceb Co-founder, has made an exciting announcement via the PlayStation Blog. Tchia will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as a day one release with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

You can check out the brand-new story trailer here.

Tchia Key Art Awaceb
Image Credit – Awaceb

What is Tchia?

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with Tchia, the fearless heroine of this captivating adventure. When her father is snatched by Meavora, the cruel ruler of the archipelago, Tchia must summon all her courage and tap into her mystical powers to take back her homeland.

Inspired by the vibrant culture of New Caledonia, this immersive game world is filled with breathtaking wonders, exotic traditions, and fascinating languages. As you explore its many mysteries, Tchia will uncover hidden abilities that allow her to leap into the bodies of animals and objects, solve puzzles, evade danger, and travel freely across the land. With her trusty slingshot and magical ukulele by her side, Tchia is ready to face any challenge in her quest to defeat Meavora and liberate her people.

It already looks like there is a tonne of stuff you can do in Tchia, so here is a quick summary of everything you can expect:

  • Explore a gorgeous tropical island in multiple ways. Leap from tree to tree, glide across mountaintops, roll around as a coconut or barrel your way through the trees as a dog. There are endless ways to explore
  • Control over 30 animals and hundreds of objects around the island
  • Experience a beautifully told story through fully animated and voiced cutscenes
  • Take control of any animal or object insight and use them to travel, solve puzzles and uncover mysterious secrets!
  • Climb literally anything thanks to Tchia’s unrestricted climbing mechanic or sail around in your fully-customisable boat
  • Customise your clothes with hundreds of cosmetics
  • Play some tunes on your sweet ukulele either by yourself or with your fellow NPCs
  • Use the tools at your disposal such as a camera, slingshot or flashlight
Tchia Key Art Awaceb
Image Credit – Awaceb

Game Versions

Tchia also unveiled the Oléti edition today. This is a celebratory package that will add a selection of cosmetic items inspired by Kepler Interactive’s family of games. You can customise your boat, glider or even outfit with Sifu, Scorn, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn and Cat Quest inspired designs. This version can be pre-ordered today on PC via the Epic Games Store or wishlisted on PlayStation consoles.

Tchia launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store on March 21, 2023. If you own PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you can jump into the game on day one.