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Breath of the Wild Meets Moana In Tropical Adventure, Tchia

Developer Awaceb has announced their beautiful upcoming open-world adventure title Tchia, but more importantly that you can become a coconut and roll around the island.

Announced during the 2020 Game Awards, Tchia is a stunning open-world adventure set on an island inspired by those of New Caledonia. It’s fitting then, that a large portion of the development team over at Awaceb are actually originally from New Caledonia! It’s set to tell a heart-warming tale of self-discovery and community weaved into a fantastical world full of creatures and magic. I personally cannot wait for Tchia to launch, as this looks like a brilliant exploration of a culture and mythos rarely seen in video games.

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Image Credit – Awaceb

What is Tchia?

Tchia is an open-world adventure game in which the player controls the titular character, Tchia. She’s a young girl with extraordinary powers! Throughout your adventure, you’ll have the ability to control over 30 animals and hundreds of various objects scattered around the island. You’ll encounter a wide cast of diverse characters all with their own stories to tell and fend off against mysterious creatures. Honestly, it looks like there’s going to be a lot to do and see in Tchia. So, for your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of the kinds of things you can expect to see:

  • Explore a gorgeous tropical island in multiple ways! Leap from tree to tree, glide across mountaintops, roll around as a coconut or barrel your way through the trees as a dog! There are endless ways to explore
  • Experience a beautifully told story through fully animated and voiced cutscenes
  • Take control of any animal or object insight and use them to travel, solve puzzles and uncover mysterious secrets!
  • Climb literally anything thanks to Tchia’s unrestricted climbing mechanic or sail around in your fully-customisable boat
  • Customise your clothes with hundreds of cosmetics
  • Play some tunes on your sweet ukulele either by yourself or with your fellow NPCs
  • Use the tools at your disposal such as a camera, slingshot or flashlight
Tchia - Climbing
Image Credit – Awaceb

Release Date & Price

Unfortunately, there’s no release date or price to share with you right now. Head over to Tchia’s Steam store page and wishlist it so that you’ll be notified when it does eventually drop! Will you be picking up Tchia when it launches? Does it look interesting? Let us know down in the comments below!

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