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Stunning Cyberpunk Visual Novel, Vengeful Heart, Coming To Consoles

Developer Salmon Snake and publisher Top Hat Studios have announced that the retro anime visual novel, Vengeful Heart will be coming to consoles soon.

Vengeful Heart is the debut title of duo development studio Salmon Snake. It launched onto Steam back in August of 2020 to incredibly positive reviews. Now, the gorgeous visual novel is heading to consoles with the publishing support of Top Hat Studios. They’ve previously published some phenomenal visual novels including Henchman Story and Synergia. They are also responsible for the hotly anticipated game, Sonzai.

Vengeful Heart - Gameplay
Image Credit – Salmon Snake

You can check out Vengeful Heart’s original launch trailer here.

What Is Vengeful Heart?

Vengeful Heart is a beautiful cyberpunk visual novel that takes inspiration from 80s anime including Bubblegum Crisis and Akira. You’ll take on the role of Josephine Lace, who after being dealt a bad hand by the world she so tirelessly worked for, seeks to take down a corrupt system. With branching paths, a gripping narrative full of prevalent social commentary and a gorgeous art style, there is a lot to love in Vengeful Heart. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches later this month:

  • Immerse yourself in a gorgeous cyberpunk world inspired by 80s anime
  • Experience an engrossing narrative populated by brilliant characters
  • Make difficult choices that drastically alter the outcome of the story
  • Listen to the beautifully nostalgic synthwave soundtrack

Release Date & Price

While Vengeful Heart doesn’t currently have an official release date, it is set to launch sometime later this month. It is set to release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store and the Nintendo Switch, and will cost $10/€9,99.

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