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Stellar Blade: Wisdom Puzzle Request Solution

The Wisdom Puzzle is a very tricky Request in Stellar Blade that requires a lot of brainpower. Or, you can save yourself the trouble and just find the code you need in this guide.

After completing the Simple Puzzle Request in Xion, you’ll eventually unlock the Wisdom Puzzle Request. This time, you’ll need to solve another maths-based puzzle. Fortunately, this one is a little easier. Once again, you’re told very little, with the request just asking you to solve 71#6 = ?. Fortunately, if you don’t have the time or patience to figure it out, we’ve got the exact code for you below.

The Wisdom Puzzle Request in Stellar Blade
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What Is the Code to the Wisdom Puzzle Request in Stellar Blade?

The code to the Wisdom Puzzle Request in Stellar Blade is 5005. Just like with the Simple Puzzle Request, you’ll need to head to the Presence Chamber entrance and look for the pillar on the right. Interact with the terminal and input the code to complete the Request. Your reward for completing it will be 1,000 Gold and the Queen of Arithmetic Badge.

Of course, if you want to figure it out for yourself, it’s somewhat straightforward. You will need to minus the two numbers, then add them together, and finally times them together. So, for this puzzle, you would do 71 minus 6, which is 65. Then, you would do 71 + 6, which is 77. Finally, you would do 65 times by 77, which is 5005.

Wisdom Puzzle solution in Stellar Blade
In-game screenshot

We actually found this puzzle to be a little easier than the Simple Puzzle despite the fact that the reward is greater. However, it’s definitely still a tricky, head-scratching puzzle that we can imagine a lot of players just ignoring. Fortunately, now you’ve got the solution: You can earn those rewards without having to do any of the agonizing math homework! That’s everything you need to know about solving the Wisdom Puzzle Request in Stellar Blade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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