Digipick Starfield

Starfield: How to Lockpick and Find Digipicks

With Starfield being an enormous RPG, picking locks is a task that you’ll find yourself repeating again and again.

While a successful lockpick isn’t the most user-friendly or straightforward aspect of Starfield, you’re going to need a lot of digipicks throughout your journey. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how you can lockpick and also where you can locate those pesky digipicks.

How Can You Lockpick in Starfield?

To lockpick in Starfield, you need a digipick to unlock the lock and begin a simple puzzle. Digipicks are used to fill gaps in the lock. Each lock has layers, and you must fill all gaps in one layer to move to the next. You can spin the digipick and choose different pins. Although, be careful with your choices. Picking the wrong pin wastes a digipick, and if you quit the puzzle, you also waste a digipick.

Improving your Security skill makes your character more proficient at lockpicking, and also permits more auto-attempts to skip puzzles. To lockpick without getting caught, you should improve your Stealth skill.

Remember, each lock uses at least one digipick. So, you should always aim to carry as many digipicks as possible. It is also recommended to save before using a digipick in case you accidentally waste them.

starfield digipicking Lockpicks

Where Can I Find Digipicks in Starfield?

To find more digipicks, you can do several things. First, search all dead bodies you come across, whether created or discovered, as you might find digipicks on them. If you have the Theft skill, you can also pickpocket living people to get digipicks.

Second, visit general stores in different locations. Look in the misc section of the store’s inventory to find digipicks for sale. They usually cost 35 Credits each, but if you want to save money, work on improving your Commerce skill which lets you buy items at a lower price. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a good supply of digipicks for all your lockpicking needs.

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