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Mystery Visual Novel Sol Dorado Heist Releases On Steam This April

Indie developer Megalixir Games is releasing their heist-themed mystery visual novel Sol Dorado Heist onto Steam this April.

After working on the well-received indie title Flat Kingdom, the lead developers went on to form Megalixir Games. Their goal is to bring unique and varied visual novels to multiple platforms, with their debut title being Sol Dorado Heist. Focusing on a mystery centered around a heist, this visual novel is inspired by the craziest telenovelas and is set to be a “wild” ride.

What Is Sol Dorado Heist?

Sol Dorado Heist is a mystery visual novel that puts the player in the role of Alex Thorn, an amnesiac who remembers only that she’s been robbing casinos with an elusive criminal known only as The Silent Ace. Now, with the police on her tail, Alex must solve the mystery of her past, all while attempting to prevent The Silent Ace from robbing “the biggest casino in town”. You guessed it: The Sol Dorado. Here’s everything you can expect when it releases in April:

  • A humor-filled narrative centered around a casino heist, a mystery, and the amnesiac who holds the key to it all
  • A colorful cast of characters to meet and interact with
  • Choose wisely across the course of the game, as your choices matter
  • More than 4 different endings that differ depending on the choices you make
  • A unique art style that can be viewed via an in-game gallery
Sol Dorado Heist - Gameplay
Image Credit – Megalixir Games

Release Date & Price

Sol Dorado Heist launches onto Steam this April 23. Unfortunately, no price has been announced as of yet. Head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified whenever new information drops. Does this look like your sort of visual novel? Will you be cracking the case or codes when it launches late next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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