Fortnite Streamer, Loserfruit, partners with Skrmiish for a Busy March!

Skrmiish, the community-driven gaming platform, is thrilled to announce that Loserfruit is inviting her community to play with her on Skrmiish this March.

What is Skrmiish?

Skrmiish is an app-driven gaming platform built for streaming. It allows streamers, gamers, teams, and brands to create and monetize their own competitive gaming experiences anytime, anywhere.

Founded by Chris Heaton and Roland Reed, Skrmiish has a mission to connect streamers with their communities like never before. The app hosts live leaderboards where users can challenge their friends or others through Skrmiish’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) functionality. The app’s points system, Leaderboard Points (LP), acts as a wagering tool for gamers to climb the leaderboard ranks.

Skrmiish offers a true professional vs amateur gaming experience. Instead of just watching your favorite streamers, you can now battle them in 1v1 Kill Races.  For streamers, Skrmiish encourages engagement, so now you can truly interact with your community while still playing in a competitive environment.

Skrmiish and Loserfruit

Loserfruit, a famous Fortnite streamer with over seven million followers across her channels, will challenge her community in 1v1 Kill Races for a chance to win prizes this month.

Loserfruit says, “In January, I spent the whole month trying to get good at Fortnite. I think I had some improvements. And now I’m excited to verse my community in Fortnite through the Skrmiish app and see if I can demolish them with my recent improvements. I feel like my community could be kinda sweaty, but we’ll see. Go to, register, and I’ll see you on stream. Bring it on.”

Loserfruit Skrmiish dates:

  • March 2: 1v1 Kill Race community challenge. 03h00 – 05h00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)
  • March 9: Best of three battle vs. Reddysh. 3:00 – 5:00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)
  • March 13: 1v1 Kill Race community challenge. 03h00 – 05h00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)

You can check Skrmiish out on their official website here.