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Skull and Bones: Where to Find Poacher’s Cache

As you sail across the Indian Ocean in Skull and Bones, you may be looking for Poacher’s Cache, and luckily, this pirate bastion is easy to find.

Poachers Cache is a Pirate Outpost where players can dock to pick up supplies for their high seas adventures. Its location is relatively straightforward and contains a helpful merchant for players to interact with. As luck would have it, we explain below where to find the Poacher’s Cache Outpost and what is available there.

Skull and Bones Poacher’s Cache Location

The Poacher’s Cache Outpost is located on a small island directly southeast of Harufu on the coast of Africa. The best way to find it is to head close to the African coast and head north or south along it, depending on how you approach the continent. Poacher’s Cache is close to the mainland, so players must sail between the islands to reach it. Below is the location of the Poacher’s Cache Outpost on the game’s map:

Poachers Cove Skull and Bones
Location of Poacher’s Cache

What is at the Poacher’s Cache in Skull and Bones?

At Poacher’s Cache, players can find a Corrupt Compangie Officer, Pirate Bonfire, Helm Liaison, and a merchant known as the Ungwana Warrior. The Outpost is available to all players and provides a resting place, purchasable ship supplies, and a spot to work on your Helm. Below is what is offered at the Poacher’s Cache Outpost:

  • Storage Compartment I (Utility Furniture Blueprint)
  • Culverin III (Cannon Blueprint)
  • Layered Scales III (Hull Armor Blueprint)
  • Demi-Cannon III (Cannon Blueprint)

Lastly, players can find a hidden Treasure Chest at the Poacher’s Cache Outpost in the northwest area beside a red tent. Upon arriving close to the location, a gold column will appear, and once players approach it, a prompt to dig up the Treasure Chest will appear.

That is everything to know about Poacher’s Cache and what it holds in Skull and Bones. For more guides like this, head to our Guide Hub here.


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