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Skull And Bones: How to Complete Grave News Investigation & All Rewards

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to complete the Grave News Investigation in Skull and Bones, don’t worry. We go over everything you need to know to get it done in this guide.

In a game as large as Skull and Bones, it’s not surprising that some players are having difficulty with some of its missions. The Grave News Investigation is one of the trickier missions to figure out as it has quite a few steps. We go through all of that below, including where to find the elusive Mysterious Bottle item needed to get the Investigation going.

Skull and Bones Grave News Investigation Walkthrough

To complete the Grave News Investigation in Skull and Bones, you first need to locate the Mysterious Bottle item near the Spice Islands and read the message within it. Then, you need to sail to Fort Premie and plunder it. Finally, head to The Necropolis location on the map, read the clue, and then dig up the treasure chest to complete the Investigation. Here’s a full breakdown for more detail:

  • To unlock the Grave News Investigation, make sure you have completed “The Devil’s Gambit” main mission
  • Head to the Spice Islands in the south-eastern portion of the map
    • It is southeast of Telok Penjarah
  • Sail around the Spice Islands to find the Mysterious Bottle floating in the sea
    • Many are reporting that the Mysterious Bottle will appear at random locations in the area around the Spice Islands
    • Players seem to be seeing it spawn on the southern coast of the Spice Islands
    • In any case, sail around this location until you find it – it will glow in the water and should be easy to spot!
  • After reading the notes in your journal, head over to Fort Premie and plunder it
    • You only need to complete the first treasure chest reward to progress to the next stage of the Investigation
  • Finally, head to Necropolis and retrieve Carel Brouwer’s belongings
    • They will be marked on your map and can be found at the top of a set of stairs near where you dock
    • Opening the chest and reading the clue inside will end the Investigation
Map locations for Grave News Invesitgation Walkthrough in Skull and Bones
The location of Fort Premie, Necropolis and the possible location of the Mysterious Bottle in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Grave News Rewards

You will receive 300 Infamy and a Rugged Chest for completing the Grave News Investigation in Skull and Bones. You do not receive any money for completing it. Here is a full list of all the rewards:

  • 300 Infamy
  • Rugged Chest

Despite not getting any money for the Investigation, you get yourself a decent chunk of Infamy, which is worth it at this stage of the game. That’s all you need to know about completing the Grave News Investigation in Skull and Bones. For more guides similar to this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.