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Skull and Bones: Is it Split-Screen?

Skull and Bones features co-op play, but can you play the entire game in split-screen? Let’s just say couch co-op devotees are going to be disappointed.

If you’ve been wishing for a split-screen pirate game since the days of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, then the likes of Skull and Bones likely appeals to you. After all, it is a multiplayer-focused seafaring adventure game, the likes of which only Sea of Thieves has attempted. Sadly, that game lacks split-screen, so it’s left to Ubisoft’s latest live-service game to fill in the gap. Below, we explain whether it has split-screen.

Can You Play Skull and Bones Split-Screen?

No, you cannot play Skull and Bones in split-screen. Ubisoft’s latest pirate adventure does not support couch co-op for any amount of players. While you can play the game co-operatively with up to 3 players, it is exclusively online-only. This means that you can’t band together with a friend side by side, sharing controllers.

This is the case with all of Ubisoft’s recent games, including Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Far Cry 6. While they let you play with a friend, you cannot play in split-screen. Their last mainline split-screen game was Far Cry 3, but even that was limited to the Xbox 360 version.

2 ships fighting in Skull and Bones

It’s a shame, as most games no longer support split-screen functionality, a feature that players are often clamoring for in multiplayer experiences. So, if you were hoping to sail the high seas with a friend literally by your side, you’re out of luck. That’s everything you need to know about Skull and Bones’ split-screen functionality. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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