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Sand Land: Should You Pay the Debt in Saving Sis?

Players will have to make a tough choice in the Saving Sis side quest in Sand Land of whether to pay the Diamond Bandit’s ransom fee. There is a correct answer that you’ll absolutely want to pick.

Players will get access to the Saving Sis quest in the Aro Village Ruins area. Once you reach the village, you’ll need to speak to the girl there who tells you that her sister has been kidnapped by the Diamond Bandits. If you speak to the Diamond Bandits, they’ll demand a 10,000 Zeni ransom fee. This isn’t an insignificant sum of money, so many players may feel like they should avoid paying the debt. So, should you pay the Diamond Bandits?

Should You Pay the Debt in the Saving Sis Side Quest in Sand Land?

Yes, you should absolutely pay the debt to the Diamond Bandits in the Saving Sis side quest in Sand Land. If you do not pay the debt, you will not only lock yourself out of a unique shop in Spino but one of the sisters will be killed by the Diamond Bandits.

Choosing not to pay the debt will see you beat up the Diamond Bandits and save the kidnapped sister. However, the other sister from the village will turn up and get shot. While the sister you saved does move to Spino, she doesn’t open a shop, and the Diamond Bandits will become a permanent enemy.

The Saving Sis side quest choice in Sand Land
Choose to pay the debt!

If you choose to pay the debt, you will save the kidnapped sister and return her safely home. Both sisters then move to Spino and open up a shop. Additionally, the Diamond Bandits won’t be permanently hostile toward you, saving you a lot of trouble there. While it’s an expensive fee, it’s absolutely worth paying. You also have as long as you want to complete this quest. So, go save up the money and come back when you’re ready. That way, you can get the best ending for this quest and a new shop in Spino.

That’s everything you need to know about the Saving Sis side quest. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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